Africa Reclaimed Tour: Africa Diaspora Connections Aims to Connect Past and Future

Professor Maxine Ankrah
Professor Maxine Ankrah

African Reclaimed Promotional Tour USA is set to be a transformative experience for those seeking
to explore the rich cultural heritage and the future potential of African continent and relation to the
historic Diaspora.

This tour aims to foster grassroots and grass-tops engagement, encouraging collaboration and partnership for the Africa Reclaimed: Africa Diaspora Conference.

The Conference is scheduled to take place in Kampala, Uganda in July 2024.

The promotional tour will feature Professor Maxine Ankrah, Ugandan based 89year Professor of
African Studies and founder of the Ankrah Think Tank.

Professor Ankrah’s life journey has been a testament to her dedication to Africa. What began as a missionary’s voyage in 1962 has evolved into a lifelong mission of love and empowerment, spanning over 60 years on the African continent.

Today, she stands as a beacon of hope, focusing on reclaiming Africa’s rich cultural heritage and
fostering empowerment across all generations.

The tour, titled “Africa Reclaimed,” will feature a dynamic series of events designed to engage both grassroots and grass tops audiences, celebrating African identity and promoting cultural exchange.

Professor Ankrah’s tour kicks off on September 10, 2023, with the Sacred Healing Conference in
Maryland, an event focused on grassroots engagement and healing within the African diaspora.

This sets the stage for a tour that seamlessly blends grassroots and grass tops interactions.

One of the tour’s notable highlights is the September 11th event at the Cuban Embassy in
Washington D.C., with Melvin Foote Constituency for Africa where Professor Ankrah will engage with
grass tops leaders in discussions surrounding African heritage and its global impact.

The Roots of Scouting event in Baltimore, Maryland, on September 18th, will bring African heritage
to the forefront in a grassroots setting. This is followed by a visit to the Africana Institute at Essex
College in Newark, New Jersey, on September 20th, where Professor Ankrah will connect with grass
tops influencers.

The tour concludes with Professor Ankrah’ s arrival at the ADDI Award Dinner at Howard University.
Professor Ankrah is thrilled to announce the her partnership with the Makerere University, Teaching
Artist Institute (TAI) and Ankrah Think Tank to host the International Conference

This event will provide a platform for cultural exchange,Africa race connection, education, and empowerment. Professor Ankrah and the partners invite presenters and sponsors, more partners to join this global initiative in reclaiming and celebrating African heritage.

For more information on the African Reclaimed Promotional Tour USA, partnership opportunities, and to stay updated on Professor Maxine Ankrah’s journey, please reach out to [email protected].

Don’t miss the chance to be a part of this extraordinary informational tour in preparation for Africa
Reclaimed: Diaspora Connection
July 2024.

Professor Maxine Ankrah brings “African Reclaimed: Africa Diaspora Connection” to cities across the United States.

The Promotional tour is being organized by TAI Tours.


  1. That is a path to the future for african people world wide & a giant step for Future Generations freedom from the
    PILOTRICS OF European ideologies
    And creating self government world wide, Humanitarian style that will benefit the universe. Thanks I am excited

  2. Me as a ugandan i will be blessed to share the all the culture information i have for our culture is our herritage

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