Black World 21st Century,Teaching Artist Institute Inaugurates Creatives Economic Circle Grenada

Creatives Economy Circle
Creatives Economy Circle

On June 28th, 2024, in Saint Georges, Grenada, the Institute of the Black World 21st Century (IBW21) and the Teaching Artist Institute (TAI) inaugurated the Creatives Economic Circle by hosting the first Creatives & Artist Dialogue. This significant event centered on the role of culture in Grenada’s development, drawing over 60 attendees from various artistic genres.

The inaugural Creatives & Artist Dialogue successfully established the foundation for the Creatives Economic Circle in Grenada(CEC). The CEC was developed to  foster a collaborative environment aimed at cultural preservation, artistic sustainability, and community-centered economic development. The event highlighted the critical role of culture in Grenada’s development and set the stage for ongoing initiatives to support the creative community across the Caribbean.

Palestine Ambassador to the Caribbean, Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell of Grenada, Dr. Claire Nelson of Caribbean Institute and Kim Poole

Discussion Highlights:

The dialogue, moderated by TAI Founder Kim Poole, featured insightful contributions from Grenadian panelists Zaleka Peters and Kered Clement. Key outcomes of the discussion included:

1. Family as the Primary Community Institution: Emphasizing the pivotal role of family in cultural and community development.

2. Artist Sustainability: Highlighting the importance of integrating creativity across various sectors to ensure the sustainability of artists.

3. Cultural Preservation and Promotion: Stressing the necessity for culture workers and artists to actively promote and preserve Grenadian, Caribbean, and Global African history and culture through practice and curriculum development.

4. Reparatory Justice: Recognizing the need for reparatory justice and acknowledging the healing space created by the event.

Post-Event Developments:

The discussion led to a unanimous agreement on maintaining the group’s connection to further the development of Grenada and the Caribbean community. Notable post-event developments include:

Grenadian Chamber of Commerce Membership: The Chamber of Commerce has officially acknowledged the Creatives Economic Circle as the first community-centered cooperative collective to be invited for membership. This cooperative will model community-centered economic development, celebrating the motto “Culture is the New Currency” through the “Grow Grenada” campaign.

Cooperative Model and Partnerships:The Circle will schedule subsequent meetings to outline the cooperative model and establish initial partnerships with Grenada’s newly opened Office of Creative Affairs.

– WhatsApp Group Creation: A WhatsApp group was created post-dialogue, with the head of the Office of Creative Affairs added to facilitate ongoing communication and collaboration.

Emergency Relief Effort:

In the wake of Hurricane Beryl, which struck the day after the dialogue, artists spontaneously organized an emergency relief effort to support creatives in Carriacou, demonstrating the community’s resilience and solidarity.

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