Our Social History

A Brief History of AAMN Accomplishments

When All Africa Media Network was incorporated in Ghana on April 15 2009, it was to create a pedestal on which to rebuild Africa with positive information and re-orientation of its people on some critical issues in the community in other to trigger a behavioural change, advance cross cultural intelligence, Human capacity building among the people via Addressing of conflict, Re-building positive community values, foster gender equity, and protect marginal groups in other to achieve social change.

The AAMN has evolved into a dialogue facilitating outfit via organising of conferences, policy briefings, specialized training sessions and civic discourse to generate awareness and understanding of what policies can be put in place to give Africa its rightful developmental place in the course of globalization and the collective aims of the international community. 


We started our first publication on Nigeria because we noticed an unofficial scheme to isolate Nigerians globally with misinformation and exaggeration of issues pertaining to Nigeria and Nigerians in the media.

Nigeria being the most populous Nation in Africa and its largest economy, dis-appreciation of Nigeria globally will affect the Image of black Africa and its economy and Nigerian Eye Newspaper came into play, to unite Africans and Nigerians and present the true story of Africa and Nigeria to the world.

The project been ongoing for almost 12 years now visit www.nigerianeyenewspaper.Nigerian Eye Newspaper after obtaining its ISSN from National Media Commission Ghana started publication and at Coconut Grove Hotel Ghana, it was presented to the public under the chairperson of His Excellency Alhaji A.M Salusi Deputy head of Missions Nigeria High Commission Ghana 2009.



We consolidated the publication by ensuring its weekly publication, widening its circulation scope as well as intervening in social issues affecting Nigerians in Ghana.


In our biddings to inform African youths we published a poetry collection The Contents of our Empty Graves a poetry collection against social vices that African youths easily fall prey to or encounter as children before they become adults, Child Labour, Abortion, War and its atrocities, the collection was presented to the public at British Council Auditorium in Accra Ghana and the revised edition is currently on Amazon.com.


We organized All Africa Media Network Public Lecture and Awards in which Brother Akbar Muhammad International representative of Hon. Louis Farrakhan and Nation of Islam USA was the main speaker.


On further Answering of the Nigerian question in Africa and beyond, we presented the book titled Nigerians Making Impact in Ghana in July 2011 at the Nigerian High Commission Auditorium, with foreword written by Amb.Musiliu Obanikoro Nigeria’s High Commissioner to Ghana 2009 to 2012.


Yvonne Nelson at the Launch of Nigeria Eye newspaper a publication of AAMN


AAMN participated in the Coverage of Africa Green Revolution Forum


SISTAH-IMAHKUS  receiving her AAMN Award in 2011


Nigeria’s Diplomatic Footprints in Ghana 

We collaborated with Delight Communications for the editorial research of Nigeria Diplomatic footprints in Ghana with foreword written by His Excellency John Agyekum Kuffour former President of Ghana,all in efforts to sustain the bilateral relationship of West Africa’s regional giants and thereby extending positive views on inter-nations relationship in the continent.


We collaborated with Dr. Uddy Allen Nwachukwu  a renown medical doctor to register  a non-profit organisation to help make our work of easier and reach out to other areas in our African community, African Eye Foundation a Society for Social right and Civic Literacy was founded to advance social rights in the urban and rural communities of Africa , with it we are currently coordinating a healthcare program for pregnant women in rural communities in other to help elevate child mortality rate in Africa.


Fifth year anniversary of All Africa Media Network accompanied by a Public Lecture in which Comrade Kwesi Pratt Jr. Renown Ghanaian Activist and Journalist was the keynote speaker ,and younger generation of Africa’s creative entrepreneurs were honoured with Joselyn Dumas, Victoria Michaels, Seye Kehinde of City People Nigeria among others.


All Africa Art and Literary Festival after a year -long preparation was cancelled because of Ebola, the All Africa Art and Literary festival is aimed at promoting creative writing and reading culture in the African continent. The conference brings together Writers, readers, publishers, literary societies, thinkers and marketers of Literature globally under an African roof, to foster the trade of creative writing and encourage the art of reading, its impact to the intellect and mind, in addition to highlighting the opportunities in the writing industry to the young and upcoming African writers.


We extended our efforts in engaging our community positively with digital media campaigns structured to help the people participate in saving their culture, Kick Against Monolingualism to remind the people on the need to save their indigenous language by speaking it with someone from their ethnic background or who understands it, BOOK TALK an online interview session with public figures and celebrities on books that have touched their lives in other to use the power of their glamour to inspire influence in their social circle that follows their activities and look up to them as role models to read.


On the 18th of  June 2016 we organized our third public lecture with the theme Analysing the Socio-Political Persuasion in Today’s Nigeria the way forward in which Prof. B.E.B Nwoke former Vice Chancellor of Imo State University, Dr. Mc Ginger Ibeneme one of the first responders to help fight the Ebola scourge in Sierra Leone, Prof. Phillip Ogbonna the founder of first Academic society in West Africa and other scholars came together in Imo state Nigeria to present papers on socio-political agitations in Nigeria and Africa.


The maiden edition of this event was held at Accra International Conference Centre Ghana on 25th April 2017 at the Accra International Conference center , its an advocacy event for socio-cultural equity of African girl child, women and youths in the continent .

The African Women Intercultural Dialogue discuss, investigate and proffers solutions to  intercultural and trans-cultural practices that limits the participatory abilities of women in national and human developmental projects, as well as acts and social arrangements that condones all forms of violence against women in the larger social structure.

United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO),African Women Development Fund (AWDF), Institute of Economic Affairs Ghana participated and collaborated with us for the success of the event in Ghana 

Representative of Diaspora Africans at the African Union Ambassador Dr. Erieka Bennett and Mr Carl Ampah of UNESCO Ghana was the chairperson of the Accra Dialogue in 2017.

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The second edition was held at the National Center For Women Development Abuja Nigeria on 25th September 2018 in collaboration with UNWomen, UNESCO,UN-IOM Nigeria and More

More prominent African voices and institutions participated in the intercultural dialogue in 2018 which creating an enabling platform in which Iconic Africans drawn from different facets of our society  comes together to discuss on the links of Negative cultural  practice to the contemporary challenges and under-development of the modern African girl child and woman.

The dignitaries to chair this dialogue and  grace the event in person are  former Vice President and mother of the Gambia Struggle, Her Excellency Mrs. Fatoumata Tambajang Jallow and wife of former Vice President of Nigeria , Her Excellency Mrs. Amina Titi Abubakar both co-chaired the 2018 Dialogue in Abuja.

UN Women Organization, West African Women Association Nigeria (WAWA)an aegis of Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS),  National Agency For Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons Nigeria (NAPTIP)  and more collaborated with us for the success of the 2nd edition held in Nigeria.

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We partnered with the prestigious Soren Kierkegaard Academic Society of Africa to facilitate the third annual Soren Kierkegaard lecture on the theme: The Burden of Leadership and Development in Nigeria.  And public presentation of the book THE ART OF LEADERSHIP by Prof.Anyaehie Ogbonna held at the Imo State University Lecture Theatre 2 on 11th February 2019


Amidst the Covid we went virtual and organized the  75th Memorial Anniversary of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki  Nuclear Bombing during the 2nd world war in 1945.

The event on the theme: Repositioning Africa in the global discourse on Nuclear Disarmament, why and how. Was held virtually ,policymakers,journalists and civil society groups, representatives of International development agencies in the continent and beyond, political/thought leaders and influencers in this maiden edition were invited.

The discourse is geared towards coherent sensitization as it relates to media mediation in Africa and its role in shaping the stories that realizes Africa for us-as well as engaging the general public in the continent on their need to recognise the importance of giving their voice and playing a part in ensuring that the earth becomes safer by urging the demilitarization of the nuclear war heads in today’s world.

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Multi-sectoral partnership of all relevant stakeholders in the fight against trafficking.

We started the process with a Virtual assembly of the foundational organizations of the first Non Profit Sector Coalition of Civic Societies, Local and Cultural Leaders initiative Against Human Trafficking.  The motivation behind this is to garner a transnational and multi-sectoral synergy in presenting an actionable front against human trafficking. 

The initiative feeds on affording a modality to the bimodal initiatives that informs the commitments of different organizations fighting the menace of women and human trafficking in general-to  provide a platform where those initiatives can find a communalized voice that reaches out to needs and contingencies in the continental campaign to defeat human trafficking in entirety.


We held the third African Elders and Women Intercultural Dialogue at the UNForum on the invitation of Global African SHEROES Union, a successful event that had the participation of the first lady of Sierra Leone Her Excellency Mrs. Fatima Maada Bio, Deputy Chief of the Diaspora Office of the President Ghana Ms Nadia Adongo Musah, Queen Diambi Kabatusuila Tshiyoyo Muatta of Congo D.R, founder of Youth Against Slavery Movement; Racha Haffar, Dikeledi Mokoena of Nelson Mandela University with  Dr. Njeri of KAAAL as the host among others.