Education-to-Job Creation Initiative Set to Expand Across Africa in 2025

Davisha L Johnson and Associates
Davisha L Johnson and Associates

Accra, Ghana – The Embassy of the African Diaspora Collective North and South America (ADC-NSA) and the Cooperative Executive Management Team (CEMT) have announced the expansion of their education-to-job creation initiative to additional African countries in 2025. This move follows the successful implementation of the program in Ghana, which has served as a proof of concept within the ECOWAS region.

The initiative, which focuses on the agriculture and specialized cannabis industry, aims to prevent large pharmaceutical companies from exploiting local resources with minimal job creation. Instead, it emphasizes developing local talent and creating sustainable employment opportunities through comprehensive training programs.

In Ghana, the program has seen significant success, with 21 individuals graduating from the ADC-NSA International Organic Farming (IOF) program and six securing employment with U.S. companies within 30 days of graduation. The program is set to expand to Nigeria and Malawi this month, with plans to replicate its success in Ethiopia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Uganda by 2025.

The expansion will involve comprehensive training programs, empowering women in agriculture, and youth upskilling and reskilling. The initiative aligns with the African Union’s theme, “Educate an African Fit for the 21st Century,” and supports the UNSDGs.

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