Trafficking: Activists Infuse Artistic Expressions in Fight against Slavery.


Music and entertainment and other artistic expressions has always been one of the most powerful ways that organizations, institutions, artistes and communities can connect to raise awareness for serious cause.

 On 30th July the World Day Against Trafficking , Wibena Impact  a non-political, non-profit organization that aims at improving people’s quality of life and its cohorts organized a public sensitization event, on the scourge of trafficking which the messages were communicated via poetry, short speeches ,musical performances and more.

The event of varied artistic exchanges, which was held onsite in Rwanda with virtual participation of people across Africa and beyond, was also streamed live on Facebook and other social media platforms, to enable mass reach of the deep messages in the campaign, was held in collaboration with Development Coalition For Africa and Global Safe Migration and funded by Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crimes.

The Virtual Concert brought together artistes, community refugee leaders, local and national agencies to discuss the plight of refugees, migrants who are potential victims of trafficking and the role that each sector can play in advancing their socio-economic rights and general welfare.

Verses full of imagery and symbolism, lyrics laced with power ,clothed in distinct words accompanied emotional cadence aimed at emasculating greed and self aggrandizement, were harmonized in varied efforts to enable a realistic unveiling of the intricacies of slavery at this time in the world.

In  work titled Childs Play written and performed by  Grace,  these lines below spoke to the heart of the participants

…She’s only ten, has seen a lot: a heart so heavy weepin’

No daddy’s shoulders only mother’s heart always regrettin’

No love for her ’cause none was left since the day daddy died

And left a photo…

Tom Patrick in his work titled Human Trafficking ,raised self-reflective questions that everyone will have to search their soul and spirit individually, to find the right answers to ,below is an excerpt from the work.

How far would you go to save a life?

Of a brother, a sister, a friend, a stranger

Who is likely to be shipped like a good.

What about your voice?

Do you realise how significant it can be

If you raise it?

…Vulnerable children and women

Are being shipped abroad

Unknowing of the lousy world

They are being taken too.

Traffickers lie them for a good life

While putting them in a knife

That will be tough to escape.

They are forced into prostitution

And they never get paid for it

Their bodies are being used to please men

They are beaten when they try to resist

They are drugged to the excess

They turn immoral for their owners lack humanity.

Do not think they employ them;

They make them slaves.

The event aimed at sensitizing the humane in us , and encourage everyone to unite their efforts in toppling the selfishness that leads to impoverishing of others, which in turn sow seeds of desperation in people as they quest for survival, which are among the leading factors silently sponsoring trafficking of persons.

The organizers achieved their aim of informing the people on the need to enthrone virtue, honest intentions and sustainable practices in all human relationship whether in politics, workplaces, religious and cultural tenets or  in our families, which is the smallest and most important unit of life. We should imbibe equity, justice and transparency as the guiding principle of all our human activities because truly, we are here for all of us.

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