The Book TOUR GUIDING Excellent For Those Who want to Explore Ghana-Sammy Bans


Although Mr Cosmos Sracooh and Mr Kwaku Passah Snr are ultimately targeting the Professional Tour Guide in Tour Guiding : The Ultimate Guide To Theory and Practice, this smartly titled book is also a “must – read” for the everyday tourist, seeking to travel and enjoy the riches of what Ghana has to offer.

Divided into two parts, inclusive of general guiding techniques and Ghana – specific information, there is valuable information for the novice Guide as well as those with years of experience.

Part 1 reinforces the essential conduct and knowledge needed for professional tour guiding. For the seasoned tourist, insight into what it takes to become a true professional Guide, will provide guidance in selecting the right person or company for that long awaited trip of a lifetime experience.

Part 2 highlights specific key facts about the geography, history and the people and culture of Ghana.

Written as a resource for Tour Guides, to further develop their knowledge and skills, this book more than achieves its purpose. The information is presented in a logical, clear and concise format that is indeed easy to read and comprehend.

Based on the wealth of experience as well as detailed industry research, this one of a kind book delivers information that is accurate, relevant, up to date and informative.

The reference list at the end of the book, provides further guidance to the reader who wishes to learn more about a particular topic.

Its compact size allows you to stick it in your pocket and carry it wherever life may take you on a daily trekking.

There are few resources available that provide such a wonderful overview of the country in such a succinct summary.

I highly recommend this gem of a book not only for the resource it is intended to be, but also as an excellent guide for those who want to visit and explore the richness of all that Ghana has to offer.

Mr Ashford Sammy Bans

(Tour Guide)

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