Our Food Our Cultural Property: Children’s Cooking Camp to open in Hague on 23rd October


In an effort to indoctrinate African children living in Netherlands to their culture, thereby elevating their inner identity and self worth by linking them to their socio-cultural base with fun activities aimed at teaching them to own their cultural properties like the African cuisine, the Africa Culture Promotion Center has perfected all preparations to open the Children’s Cooking Camp on the 23rd of October 2021.

The one day camp will give children the experience of cooking different meals from Africa, as well as teaching them the basics of kitchen safety same time, the intense cooking program will last for 3 hours in which after they will treat their parents and siblings to a 3 course meal at the end of the day.

The camp and cooking will take place  at Kookstudio Keizer Culinair, Boomsluiterskade 375 2511 VG Den Haag Netherlands, in a professional spacious kitchen equipped with 5 large cooking islands.

“One of the best ways to connect with our African culture and heritage is through food. In order to keep our children connected to Africa, we have organised the Taste of Africa cooking camp during the October autumn holidays.’’ Dr. Mollynn Mugisha-Otim The founder of Africa Culture Promotion Center explained.

“Would you like your child to learn how to prepare some of Africa’s tastiest dishes?. Then please sign them up to this cooking camp experience. This will be hands on experience for them. They will be divided  in small groups under supervision of an adult, the children will prepare the ingredients, cook the food and also set up the dining setting to deliver a complete 3 course meal in a professional kitchen” She reiterated

The Cooking camp is aimed at promoting African culture and will end with a lunch buffet at 3.30 pm which parents and siblings of the participating children are welcomed to enjoy the food cooked by them. Limited spaces are available for the event for effective management of the children’s culinary activities sign up your child now here   https://forms.gle/Gdh85xmKYYssWpe79

About the Organisers

Africa Culture Promotion Center (ACPC) was founded by Dr Mollynn Mugisha Otim and  Dr Stephen Otim as a centre for African culture and cultural identity education to celebrate and promote African culture and its values. The center aims to create a cultural hub to celebrate  African culture and connect  people of African origin living in the Netherlands to a vibrant African community, by fostering their cultural identity, raise awareness and inclusion, and  enhance children of Africa descents confidence to adequately deal with the challenge of  culture clash at this information age.


  1. Dr Mollyn,
    I hope you have recovered well. Thank you for organising and bringing Africa in Netherlands.
    Well done and keep up the good work 💪
    Wish you success on the day.

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