Voices of the Future: African Diaspora to Discuss Reparatory Justice at Maputo3Q

African Diaspora  to Discuss Reparatory Justice at Maputo Roundtable
African Diaspora  to Discuss Reparatory Justice at Maputo Roundtable

The eagerly anticipated event, “Voices of the Future: African Diaspora Generation,” is set to take place as of the events of the Maputo3Q Roundtable on 13th July with  Dr. Barryl Biekman, as Chief Organiser and facilitator, in collaboration with Ms. Kim Poole, founder of  Teaching Artist  Institute, this roundtable discussion aims to shed light on how to effectively listen to the voices of the future generation of the African Diaspora within the context of Reparatory Justice.

The event is expected to attract a diverse group of individuals, ranging from academics, activists, artists, and community leaders, who are all invested in promoting inclusivity and equality. Reparatory Justice, a concept rooted in addressing historical injustices and their present-day consequences, has gained significant attention in recent years.

The African Diaspora, comprising individuals and communities descended from Africans who were forcibly displaced and enslaved during the transatlantic slave trade, has faced generations of systemic discrimination and marginalization. This event will explore ways to amplify the voices of this generation and ensure their experiences, perspectives, and aspirations are given the attention they deserve.

The event will commence at 10 AM and continue until 12 PM, providing ample time for engaging discussions and insightful exchanges. Dr. Barryl Bekman, the visionary behind this initiative, brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in facilitating dialogue on social justice issues. As the Chief Organiser, Dr. Biekman is committed to creating an inclusive space where participants can express their opinions freely, fostering an environment that encourages collaboration and learning.

Accompanying Dr. Biekman is Ms. Kim Poole, with her background in arts education, Ms. Poole will infuse creativity into the discussion, ensuring that participants are inspired to explore innovative solutions to the challenges faced by the African Diaspora. Her expertise lies in facilitating workshops and discussions that empower individuals to express themselves through various artistic mediums.

The roundtable discussion will revolve around the central question, “How do we listen to the African Diaspora voices of the future generation in the context of Reparatory Justice? We are responsible to leave no Community behind.” This thought-provoking question sets the tone for the event, encouraging participants to delve into the intricacies of ensuring that every voice is heard, and no community is left behind. Through this collaborative exploration, the roundtable aims to generate insights, ideas, and actionable steps to advance Reparatory Justice within the African Diaspora.

“Voices of the Future: African Diaspora Generation” promises to be a transformative event, propelling the discourse on Reparatory Justice forward. By harnessing the wisdom, passion, and commitment of participants, this roundtable aims to empower the African Diaspora generation to shape their own narrative, forge a collective identity, and work towards a future where justice and equality prevail. Through active listening, open dialogue, and collaborative action, this event seeks to leave a lasting impact on the African Diaspora community and inspire positive change worldwide.

To attend the Maputo Roundtable, interested individuals are required to register on the Eventbrite website. Early registration is encouraged.  For more information about the roundtable, registration details, and updates, please visit the official Eventbrite website or contact the organizers directly.

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