The Dream of African Christmas Market in Netherlands Comes True This November


On the 13th of November 2021 the renowned  city of Hague in the Netherlands known for its housing of the United Nations International Court of Justice will be hosting a one day African Christmas Market which shall bring together businesses providing unique products and services for the African community in the Netherlands.

The event being organized by Educational Travel and Africa Cultural Promotion Center all based in the Netherlands is poised to create a unified one day marketplace for African businesses of different categories like; Beauty, Fashion , Art ,Culture , Food and Hospitality as they  all will be showcasing their unique beautiful works, products and services inspired by our beautiful African heritage at Christus Triumfatorkerk , Juliana van Stollberglaan 1542595 CL Den Haag.

The Afrocentric event is packaged  as an  entertaining day for shoppers as they will have the opportunity of bargaining for their products of choice, walk around with their families across different product stalls in one place, listening to African music. The event is engineered to  ease the stress of going round an entire city looking for certain products at the time of Christmas.

 “Come and do your Christmas shopping early and beat the December holiday rush. Bring a friend along for a fun day out. There will be some fun activities for children.’’  Dr. Mollynn Mugisha-Otim The founder of Africa Culture Promotion Center said.

You also get to take home your own free copy of the NL African Business Magazine. This magazine will feature African owned businesses providing products and professional services for all different categories like African shops, hair dressers, fashion designers, photographers, personal coaches, authors, educational services, restaurant and catering services, art etc. This magazine will bring these services closer to the you, right in your living room or on your mobile phone.

You are warmly invited to The African Christmas market on 13th November in the Hague. Come and get amazing gifts, products and services for the Christmas season. If you are or know a business that would like to participate as a vendor and for other  inquiries call +31 6 52447347 or email [email protected]

About the Organisers

Educational Travel

Educational travel company founded by Odillia Okonga  facilitate educational trips for schools and organisations from Kenya to The Netherlands. All the trips are  tailored into specific needs of their clients- for instance, Agribusiness, Architecture, Engineering or Art. They take the burden off your shoulders by arranging the itinerary and accommodation for you while you concentrate on your main goal of your travel.

Africa Culture Promotion Center(ACPC)

ACPC was founded by Dr Mollynn Mugisha Otim and  Dr Stephen Otim   as a centre for African culture and cultural identity education to celebrate and promote African culture and its values. The center aims to create a  cultural hub to celebrate  African culture and connect  people of African origin living in the Netherlands to a vibrant African community by fostering their cultural identity, raise awareness and inclusion, enhance children of Africa descents confidence and independence as proud global citizens.

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