“Forest Girl,” “Take Me Home to Africa” others make Ghana Book Club Reading for June


The maiden edition of the Ghana Book Club discussion, created by Ghana Literary Foundation was a great success, as two of the authors whose book was shortlisted for the month of May participated in the 2 hour long discussion.

Kathy Knowles and Massawudu, the co-author and protagonist of the children’s book The Lucky One respectively, visited and joined the virtual session alongside the technical team of the monthly literary activity.Massawudu and Kathy Knowles at the technical room of the Book Club

Massawudu and Kathy Knowles at the Technical Room of the Book Club

Yazmin Razak a 7year old pupil stole the show with her unending question to Massawudu, whose story was featured in The Lucky One, she did an excellent review of the children’s book that she and a few other kids got free copies from the Club to read,which was donated by EPP Books.

Seestah IMAHKUS, the author of Returning Home Aint Easy but its Sure a Blessing ,had a reflective engagement with the moderator, Dorothy Cornelius of Yfm. The author elaborated on why she and her husband chose Africa instead of United States and how she has fared in the continent over 30 years that she returned.

The Book Club have released another 4 books, for any interested members of the public to purchase, read and join them on the 26th of June in another educative and entertaining discussion, aimed at enhancing literacy and cross cultural intelligence among Ghanaians

.Readings for the month of June

Readings for the month of June

.Peters wish-by Kathy Knowles

A book for children between 7 and 11 years, about Peter a boy whose father works for anti-poaching team in Tanzania, the story is built on the issue of Poaching which is a major problem in Tanzania.

The Kings Drumbeat by Dianne McBagonluri

This Epic work is about Maame Foriwaa and Lord Sikahene an ambitious noble pair with big plans for their daughter, Sikabea: to become the next queen of Sikakrom. But other families too are competing for King Nana’s heart. This story, written as a play performance, presents one of Ghana’s many rich folkloric traditions.

Both are available for purchase in all EPP Bookshops.

Forest Girl by Empi Baryeh

Forest Girl by Empi Baryeh Ghanaian Award Winning Novelist, was released few years ago in the month of June, and fate has yet played a part in ensuring its emergence among books for the month of June by the book club.

The Romance Novel is a story hinged on a love triangle between a man Michael , who found himself in a complicated love triangle with two women, one being his wife Esi and the other a mysterious forest girl that he had met in a chance encounter.

Michael may have married Esi, but he is in love with someone else, a mystery woman he encountered just once in the forest. The Forest Girl can be purchased at Legon Bookshop,or onlne at  Booknook stores and have it delivered to your door step.

Take me Home to Africa by  Joan Meritt Schofield Childs

The 4th book of the month Take me home to Africa, is the only non-fiction in this month selection and is best described by the words of Professor G. Sodah Ayernor, President, Afrikan Renaissance Foundation.

‘This is an autobiography honestly sketched in faith and love ,celebrating a dream come true. This book is recommended not only for family, friends and Afrikans of the Diaspora with the desire to be in Afrika but also for those of the continent, especially Ghana, who can glean the recognition of their hospitality, and note  the shortcomings which they take for granted of which the author has shown understanding and tolerance.’’ Quotes from Prof.Sodah Ayernor.

The Book can be purchased on Amazon and directly from the Book club. The Authors Empi Baryeh and Meritt-Schofield Childs also donated copies of the book to the club to enhance literacy.

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