ACNE the Facial Diabetes,Zahara’s Diaries leads Ghana Book Club’s October Shortlist


In an effort to enhance the art of reading in Ghana, the Ghana Book club founded on 23rd April 2021  the world book day, has announced a shortlist for their reading and discussion in the month of October.

The 3 books selected for the month to be read by the club members and any member of the general public are ACNE the Facial Diabetes by Vivian Amegashie for Non-Fiction, Zahara’s Diaries 3 by Diane McBagonluri for literary fiction and One Child One Seed a South African Children’s book by Kathryn Cave taking the International book of the month slot, are to be discussed virtually on Sunday the 24th of October on Zoom by 7 in the evening.

ACNE the Facial Diabetes

ACNE the Facial Diabetes written by Nutritionist and dermatologist Vivian Amegashie, explores the relationship of  our nutrition with our skin, it’s a guide of sort on nutrition and total wellness; it takes you on a journey of discovery on why you have Acne and other Skin concerns. The core of this brilliance describes the importance of determining the cause of the many skin conditions in our society and why simply treating the symptoms will not provide the desired results.

“The book is not just for people with skin concerns but people with weight and other health concerns. I feel a lot of people don’t know that what we eat today will be us tomorrow and in 10 years, everything you eat becomes a part of you! It becomes a part of your flesh, bones, brains and everything you’re made of. I will say if you love yourself you will put what’s right in your body.” The C.E.O of Rovian Skin Care explains.

You can get kindle version of the Book on Amazon and read to join the discussion.

Zahara’s Diaries 3

Is a literary fiction about Zahara a smart, self-driven, and determined  girl  that craves to make her big dreams a reality. But, she is in one of the worst village schools in the country. She can always blame it on poverty and her village school if she fails. She thinks she would have a better chance at success if she moved to a better school. Will she still dream big if she gets her wish for a better school? Is she marked for success or it is all in her head?

Zahara’s inspiring diaries reveals a young girls struggles, and determination to unlock her dreams.

Copies can be obtained at EPP Bookshops nationwide.

One Child, One Seed

Is a counting book to widen the horizons, packed with information about the life and culture of South Africa written by Kathryn Cave about Nothando a South African child.

Cultivating, sharing, preparing. Starting with a single seed in a child’s hand and leading right through to a warm, nourishing meal (with plenty for all), this colorful book offers up a satisfying story of the fruits of a communal effort.

“One child, one seed.
Two hands to plant the seed.
Three ways to help it grow.”

So play a simple counting game. Watch a pumpkin grow. Follow young Nothando and discover the rhythms of her daily life in this vivid portrait of one child, one seed, and the South African village in which they both thrive.

Supports to the Ghana Book Club

One Child One Seed and Zahara’s Diaries are donated to the Ghana Book Club by EPP Books Services and can be found in their book shops nationwide, ACNE the Facial Diabetes was donated to the Book Club by Vivian Amegashie and are available for purchase in Amazon.

The Ghana Book Club is powered by Ghana Literary Prize Foundation and BibianiAfrica, supported by EPP Book Services, Celmar Tours with blog support from, www.ameyawdebrah, and,,

The Book Club is enjoying support of EPP Book Services which has donated Books worth almost Ghc1000 for reading pleasure of its activities, and had its maiden reading on Sunday the 30th of May.

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