Countdown: Its 7 Days to Virtual Swahili Language Workshop.


Kinara Park Kids, a community development project that incorporates positive imaging and principles of Kwanzaa year round in educating children on the concepts of unity, self determination, cooperative economics, purpose, creativity, faith , collective work and responsibility, will be holding their one day Swahili Language workshop on the 23rd of October 2021.

The educative socio-cultural event will be held virtually on the said date from 6 to 7 pm Central European time, the program will get its participants introduced to the Kiswahili language which is one of the widest spoken language on the African continent, being used more in the eastern region of Africa and spoken in African communities that are domiciled in more than 12 countries in Africa. The event also comes with an introduction to the culture of the Swahili people with courses covering the art of reading, writing, listening, speaking Kiswahili simultaneously and will be handled by native speakers of the language.

The resource persons for the event includes Odilia Anyachi Okonga  Founder of the African School Foundation in the Netherlands, where Swahili, African History, African culture, and topics that matter to the people of African descent are discussed. She is a translator and teacher of Medical, General, and Business Swahili and an author of Swahili grammar books. Her work in various international organizations makes it easy to accommodate people of all cultures. Odilia also facilitates physical African experience through Tours and Travel in Kenya. where you get to immerse yourself in the Swahili culture.

Kinara Park Kids the hosts of the event is founded by Noni Ervin  a Pacific Northwest native, Noni is a passionate writer who commits her action in life to speak up for those who have no voice or who cannot speak for themselves, the ardent believer in the mantra that everyone have a story to tell ,is driving this project to assert self-sufficiency, inventiveness, and a  cross-cultural intelligence that can build our confidence in a multi-cultural world which is very necessary at this age of information.

As the philosophers said “for one to be wise, one needs to know something about everything” , kinara Park kids is offering you an opportunity to open another door once again in your journey at this time in life, click on the link below to register and step into a whole new world.

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