Anyachi to drop 2 Books on Learning Swahili as a Second Language this Fall


Life Chronicle Publishing has announced the coming of 2 Books on learning Swahili as a second language by  Anaychi  Okonga  this Fall, the Seattle  USA based publishing company founded by Huffington Post former writer Sharon Blake announced recently.

The fast growing publishing outfit which print and distribute all genre of writing, recently signed their vendor partnership with Barnes and Noble and  hinge their publishing services on the belief that writing supports a healthy thought life.

Book Synopsis

Odillia’s works titled  Swahili Book 1 for Beginners and Swahili Book 2 Learn Swahili Easy are essential tools to learn a second language quickly and easily. These two self-explanatory books will aid you and your child in learning a beautiful African Language! For those willing for their children and ward to discover a new culture and its language, these books will undoubtedly facilitate those.

The Author  Anyachi (Odilia) Okonga  a fervent Afro-knowledge explorer committed to documenting and developing resources for Discovering Africa has a degree in Agribusiness Management and is passionate about Afrocentric Education and the importance of retaining African Identity as the key to mental health- a need she realized to be among people of color after doing a course in Counselling and Coaching.

She is the Founder of  the International African School Netherlands-an Online School that amplifies African voices and interests through education in History, Swahili, and Culture, reaching a vast network internationally. She is also a translator and teacher of Swahili.

She is a published author of Swahili Grammar books. She continues to document and develop resources for Discovering Africa, a program that extensively covers Africa.

Anyachi also facilitates physical African experience through Educultural Travel in East Africa, and her work in a UN organization makes her easily accommodate people of all cultures.

She is also a co-founder of KAAAL- an organization that strives to promote African Mother tongues.

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