Nomination  Opens for 2022 KWANZAA Awards


KWANZAA is an African American and pan-African holiday which celebrates family, community and culture based on African first harvest celebrations, organized around five fundamental kinds of activities which are- Gathering of the people; special reverence for the creator and creation; commemoration of the past; re-commitment to the highest cultural values; and celebration of the Good.

Black 4 Charities and Kinara Park Kids the Organisers of KWANZAA Awards have declared    OCT. 1st to 30th NOV 2022 as the nomination window for the 2022 KWANZAA Awards. KWANZAA Awards 2022 will be awarded on Saturday the 7th of January 2023 and is aimed at celebrating the   individuals and organizations that embody the seven (7) principles of Kwanzaa which are

  1. Umoja (Unity)
    2. Kujichagulia (Self-Determination)
    3. Ujima (Collective Work & Responsibility)
    4. Ujamaa (Cooperative Economics)
    5. Nia (Purpose)
    6. Kuumba (Creativity)
    7. Imani (Faith)
    *8. Nguzo Saba (Seven Principles) which is the eight category of the award is for an individual and organization  that embodies all the 7princicples combined in their  characteristics and social development performance.

Eligibility for nomination

Individual category : The awards is open for  Blacks/African American’s or someone who subscribe to Pan African ideology regardless of race with proof of social development efforts towards Pan African goals and agenda

Organization category : Organization Award category is for 100% black led (non-profit) or 100% Black-owned (for profit); having 100% controlling interest.

There will be 17 winners on the award night,  8 individuals and 8 organisations simultaneously on the above Kwanzaa Principles, with a special recognition category for Life Time Achievement Award which was given to Dr Maulana Karenga in the 2021 award event.

Here is list of the 16 winners of the 2021 award event


UMOJA – Dede Gartrell

KUJICHAGULIA –Helen J. Collier

UJIMA – Ashley McGirt

UJAMAA –Taese Snowden

NIA – Rev. Harriett Walden

KUUMBA – AfuaKouyate

IMANI –Delbert Richardson

NGUZO SABA – Dr. Maxine Mimms


UMOJA – Africatown Community Land Trust
KUJICHAGULIA – Black Star Rising
UJIMA – The Breakfast Group
UJAMAA – QueenCare
NIA – Life Enrichment Group
KUUMBA – Nu Black Arts West
IMANI – Planting People Growing Justice
NGUZO SABA – Faith, Hope, and Charity

The truth of the KWANZAA Celebration is self evident with the knowledge and experiences it offers to participants, as well as the invitation it lends to Africans and all the peoples of African descent to a common knowledge hinged on an African intellectualism.

Noni Ervin  the  founder and convener of KWANZAA Awards a Pacific Northwest native, passionate writer and an ardent believer in the mantra that everyone have a story to tell , and is driving this project to assert  inventiveness, and  cross-cultural intelligence that can build our confidence in a multi-cultural world which is very necessary at this age of information.

“It is important that we acknowledged and recognized the contributions and efforts of individuals and organizations who are embodying the Kwanzaa Principles.” She reiterates.

Visit to nominate those you believe that deserve this noble recognition and its accompanied accolades.

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