USLACC Africa Ambassador Visits Esu of Karu,Dr. Luka Panya Baba

Amb.Ifeoma Ejiogu and Esu of Karu
Amb.Ifeoma Ejiogu and Esu of Karu

Karu, Nasarawa State, Nigeria – In a moment of significant cultural and diplomatic exchange, Ambassador Ifeoma Mary Ejiogu of USLACC Africa, the United States Latino American  Chamber of Commerce Africa, paid a courtesy visit to His Royal Highness, Dr. Luka Panya Baba, the esteemed Esu of Karu, Karu Chiefdom in Nasarawa State, Nigeria. The purpose of this visit was to share the vision and activities of USLACC Africa, with a special focus on their current program, the Technology Development Program for African Youths (TECH-DPAY).

A Meeting of Visions

The meeting between Ambassador Ifeoma Mary Ejiogu and the Esu of Karu, Dr. Luka Panya Baba, was marked by a warm exchange of ideas and a discussion of the impactful work being carried out by USLACC Africa in the region. The Ambassador conveyed USLACC Africa’s commitment to advancing technology and innovation in Africa and, more importantly, empowering the youth of the continent.

USLACC Africa: Transforming Communities Through Technology

The United States Latino American  Chamber of Commerce Africa (USLACC Africa) is on a mission to make a lasting impact in the African continent. They believe that their vision and programs have the potential to benefit all strata of society, and the focus on youth empowerment through technology is a pivotal part of this endeavor.

TECH-DPAY: Empowering African Youths

One of the flagship programs under the USLACC Africa umbrella is the Technology Development Program for African Youths, abbreviated as TECH-DPAY. This initiative is designed to equip young Africans with the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in the rapidly evolving world of technology.

The program provides access to technology education, mentorship, and resources that are essential for the youth to harness their innovative potential. TECH-DPAY aims to empower the African youth to become not just users of technology but creators and leaders in various tech-related fields.

USLACC Africa’s Global Expansion in Technology

As part of its vision, USLACC Africa is preparing to expand globally in the realm of technology. The organization recognizes the immense talent and potential that exists within Africa’s youth population and seeks to provide them with the opportunities and resources they need to contribute to the world’s technological advancements.

Join the Community of Empowered Youths

As USLACC Africa expands its reach and influence in the realm of technology, it is paving the way for a brighter future for the African continent. Joining this community of empowered youth’s means becoming a part of this transformative journey.

USLACC Africa’s initiatives are not just noble aspirations; they are active programs with a mission to create tangible change. If you’re a young African looking to embark on a journey of technology and innovation, this is your opportunity to get involved, to access the knowledge, guidance, and support that can transform your future and, in the process, contribute to the development of your community and the continent at large.

A Vision of Empowerment

In a world where technology plays an increasingly pivotal role, USLACC Africa recognizes the importance of providing the youth with the tools to not only adapt to this digital age but to excel in it. The organization’s vision aligns with empowering African youths to become leaders and innovators, fostering technological advancement, and, ultimately, transforming communities for the better.

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