USAID Commends D.E.T For Their Service to Rural Farmers


After the incessant clash of herdsmen and farmers especially in parts of Nigeria in this era, which resulted to many unpleasant incidents that disrupted the confidence of some farmers in engaging in their noble profession, over fear of kidnap or conflicting with herdsmen and bandits,D.E.T Services a group of young Nigerians with a strong zeal for enhancing farming with technology is raising hope and expectation of farmers in Abia and Ebonyi States of Nigeria, with their unalloyed passion towards assisting farmers.

The brand that specialized in offering services  in input supply, input application and farm management,is also using precision drones to assist farmers in digital mapping, survey, crop monitoring and input spraying were recently visited by their foreign partners and donors, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) at one of their operational site at Ogidi, Akaeze – Ebonyi State.

Ms Susan Oranye led the USAID team to  Ebonyi State, where they engaged the directors of DET services extensively on their activities, and the challenges they have encountered in their exploit of assisting farmers with drones for mapping, alongside other Agro technological assists. Both parties discussed agricultural technological advancement, their impact on rural farming and ways farmers can increase their income through these innovations.

The brand named  D.E.T Services, started their operation in Ebonyi and Abia State, targeting  rural farmers  who they offer opportunity of benefiting from their technological assistance , the farmers who previously lacked access to quality technological input as a result of lack of finance, were very excited to have precision drones at their service , with a convenient option of paying at the end of the planting season.

The Director of D.E.T Services, Mr. Onyekachi Michael reiterated that this activity won’t stop with the few farmers in Abia and Ebonyi state, but would be replicated in other states in the South East, and subsequently the federation as a whole.

 The meeting culminated with an onsite demonstration of the technological prowess of the brand, as well as an evaluation of the capacity of their tools ,and the depth of the assistants that it can offer rural farmers ,after which Ms. Oranye the USAID’s Program Specialist, commended the D.E.T team for their efforts in using technology to increase the nation’s food production, and reducing the impact of covid-19 on the country’s agricultural sector, while highlighting important ways to improve the farm management practices of rural farmers in Nigeria.

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