TAI and International African School takes MLK Day of Service to the World


A tradition that began in 2021, this year’s Martin Luther King’s day of service event continues with  International and Global African partnerships that acknowledge the need for collective human rights beyond civil rights.

Today’s MLK International Day of Service will be highlighting the Kenyan Mau Mau Guerilla warfare fighters, with Terry Kantai who has lived a life of service all her life as the focal person of the discourse.

Her first service was giving water to a Mau Mau fighter whom she had founded heavily wounded and lying in a ditch. She was only around 5 years old. While in the Government, her impact in women Advancement movements across Africa was recognized by the United Nations which triggered funding for the gender ministries.

As a senior, she commands respect among many who still seek her advice when it comes to community , and especially women organisations.

” we are dedicated to using art to unearth and  connect the narratives of Global Africans.  Martin Luther King Jr said injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere, that’s why we use this MLK Day of service to address injustice of Global African People today” Teaching Artist Institute founder Kim Poole expounded.

The event taking place virtually on zoom will be starting today at 7pm GMT and is open to anyone who is interested in modern and historical perspectives of social justice.

The MLK Day of Service on the theme: From Civil Right to Human Right is being facilitated by International African School and Business Academy Netherlands, founded by Odilia Anyachi and Teaching Artist Institute a glocal network of artists using arts as tool for social transformation.

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