Osita Oparaugo and Ogelle’s Africanism Approach.


How Ogelle is changing the narrative in technology, digital content creation and distribution.

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower according to Steve jobs and from all we have learnt in the pages of history of all humanity, only the brave has truly followed their Ideas through all the process that it’s required for their realization.

Most ideas that have dominated human space from the invention of an aeroplane to journeying into space, seemed ludicrous to anyone else except the dreamer at its moment of conception, and the dreamer has to brave all odds to implement each of its processes.

The dreamer always takes responsibility of re-strategizing when the first steps are not going to plan, re-inventing the wheels and forging a new path towards achieving the same goal when previous plans hits the brick-wall of social stagnation , which are erected always by the masses who are not always ready for the change ,or blindsided with their ease of repeating their circle, than taking the pains of learning the new ways of doing the same old thing which is no longer sustainable.

Change is the only thing constant and Osita Oparaugo is taking the pains of enforcing a new consciousness that Africans have to own their own space in the digital economy today and not to wait till tomorrow.

In a true case of ‘if they don’t give you a seat at the table, bring your own chair’ Osita Oparaugo majored in Law at the Buckingham University London, but as an innovative creative with an entrepreneurial mindset, decoded the language of the worlds future which is technology, and ensured that Africans don’t wait till there is no room in the hall to accommodate a folding chair , and gate crashed the tech and digital economy party with his Ogelle.

Despite its resemblance with other content curation platforms, Ogelle is unique because it aims to embody the entire multiculturalism of a continent in an honest effort to lead and re create the African story and those telling it, because all that is on Ogelle is not just professional shots from cinematographers but as well as videos owned by the ordinary people, shot in their natural environments , across the entire Africa, thereby giving a new life to diverse perspectives on the continent, enhancing the churning out of real unscripted stories in Africa on a single platform.

Osita Oparaugo is brave with his innovative zeal of re-inventing Africa’s story ,which is among the least recognised at the global stage. The dynamism of Ogelle is the collective identity of all Africans that it represents, it’s the only platform on earth, that you can watch videos in Swahili, Igbo, Soninke ,Zulu ,Hausa languages and more, without any intrusion from other cultures outside the continent , a pure reflection of the pan African spirit and agenda being replicated in a digital format.

At no time in the history of this world has more than half of its population been internet compliant but now ,and of all regions in the globe, the strongest growth in internet usage has been reported to be Africa where the percentage of people using the internet has increased from 2.1% in 2005 to 24.4% as of 2018 according to the United Nations specialized agency for information and communication technology, known as International Telecommunication Union (ITU). While there is still along way to go to bridge the digital divide, connectivity gains have helped improve lives in many parts of the African continent.

Out of top 10 social networking platforms and user generated content platform sites in the world, none is Africa-focused. Yet, Africa is projected to have the highest number of people under age 35 globally, approximately 1 billion people, in the next 10 years. The continent currently has nearly 200 million people in the diaspora, with 46,360,457 in the United States of America alone as at 2017, according to the US Census Bureau.

This significant projected population growth in the continent complimented with its Diaspora off-shoots, is expected to triple in a few decades, this untapped potential in the continent that is to be of huge economic beneficial to the youths if exploited rightly has motivated the vision of Osita Oparaugo to embark on his journey with Ogelle, to drive the economic capacity development of the youth and reposition Africa through its original stories with one pebble.

The inventor of Ogelle deserves a recognition ,for his revolutionary concept of re creating and unifying all Africans cultural properties on a single digital platform, which can be viewed by anyone ,anywhere in the world, giving Africa an opportunity of establishing its collective cultural identity at the global stage in a single platform, and most importantly in a digital format which is the world’s present and future language.

“Communication patterns at this time reflect power relationships,those who control not just information but communication of it, controls to an extent the information that people access” with the above statement from him not too long ago, Osita Oparaugo is no doubt in the know of the importance of communicating information, and the relevance of the digital space in enforcing ones information to the rest of the world.

He has earned his space among the few that has been recognised as improvising change in the African community with technology, Ogelle is not just showcasing contents but creating avenue for millions of African youths to earn income and be part of the already booming digital economy of the world, serving as a catalyst for challenge to the youths to imbibe the new culture, and forcefully wake to the consciousness of exploiting the economic opportunities that their smartphones, used just for pleasure can propel them towards earning income with their creativity.

Africans are challenging the world with their exploits in technology, Elon Musk is leading the revolution in electric cars, few Nigerians has remain outstanding as well in fin tech revolution with the success of platforms like Paystack, Flutter-wave and more, though the Nigerian fintech are primarily focused on facilitating digital payments and consumer lending, Ogelle is enhancing and challenging the youths to exert their creative sides and imprint their stories, the African story on a global landscape.

Since its launch in Lagos, Nigeria’s bustling commercial hub in April 2019, Ogelle has recorded 1,149,080 general users and 67,561 registered users. The platform targets 25 million general users and 1 million premium users by 2025, as well as a revenue projection of $100 million between 2022-2025, including advertising revenue. It is working to become the highest aggregator of African resource and entertainment platform in the next few years. Thereafter, it hopes to introduce Ogelle Box-Office (market place) and Ogelle Kids.

Ogelle is unarguably leading Africa’s cultural revolution in the digital space ,regardless of the competition with the well positioned western giants like you-tube , Oparaugo took an innovative step today, instead of waiting for an uncertain tomorrow. Refusing to follow the trends of African governments who are consistently caught resting on their oars.

African nations have consistently employed the habit of selling its natural resources to the west to harvest, like Nigeria’s Crude, Ghana’s Gold and South African diamonds are mostly outsourced at some stages in their production, instead of wholly utilizing them in-house for their own industrialization.

True to the words of Soren Kierkegaard the Danish philosopher, and progenitor of existentialism,who instigated and continuously reinforced the notion that the individual is stronger than the crowd, Osita Oparaugo with his tech start-up that is bound to emerge as a global conglomerate at the rate that its sweeping the contents in the continent of Africa, is an existentialist that has found the ultimate power of one.

His individuation by standing alone in his efforts of harvesting Africa’s audio-visual contents ,will propel the desired future of all Africans to unite in one cause as he had already united Africa in the virtual space with Ogelle.

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