#NoMoreEthiopia: Oparaugo Urges Creatives to Lend their Voice Against the Conflict


Pan African crusader, Barrister at Law and Founder of Ogelle, Africa’s first user generated video sharing platform with millions of users across Africa, Osita Oparaugo has warned that Ethiopia’s widening civil war could spill across borders and ultimately endanger neighbouring countries.

”My heart bleeds because if a peace deal is not reached urgently, it will be disastrous for the good people of Ethiopia. Not again in Africa, not again the good people of Ethiopia, we must say no to politics that divides us.” Oparaugo said.

”How can Africa be great if there are wars and rumour’s of war all around us. No African country manufactures war weapons and yet our people carry them at will, use them at will, while the makers of these weapons dialogue if they have differences. What happened to dialogue in Africa? Can’t you see Africa is not free from external interference? An ancient Igbo proverb says that where there is peace, a tiny bed can accommodate brothers.” he reiterate

Many have said the West is about to destabilize Ethiopia by sponsoring Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), a left wing ethnic nationalist previously paramilitary group now a leading political party. The government in Ethiopia has even issued warnings to four international media organizations CNN, BBC, Reuters and Associated Press for peddling what they call inaccurate news.

While the TPLF is saying the government is using starvation as a weapon of war against their people and advancement into Addis is the only solution. It doesn’t matter who is right or wrong, the truth is that another African country is about to go down with a great amount of human lives lost already. Is it worth it?

Ethiopia is a symbol of freedom for Africa and all the parties must come to the negotiating table in honesty and truth to find a lasting solution to the crisis in Ethiopia and the time is now. Tomorrow may be too late.

”It’s not about TPLF or its ally Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) or the present government, it’s about the humanitarian crisis that is already worsening by the day and the refugee crisis that will follow even to Ethiopia’s neighbours if TPLF tries to take the capital. It’s about lives mostly women and children, it’s about businesses that will be lost, it’s about Africa’s unity.” Oparaugo extrapolated.

”I call on the African Union, all Africans with good conscience especially those in the creative industry to lend their voices as I am doing today through their respective platforms in saying #NoMore. God save Ethiopia” the African leading techpreneur concluded.

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