Recently Iyke Odife the director of ZARZ END ,a 2023 thriller from the stable of Don Pee Arts and Gallery, which is emerging   as one of the most anticipated movie of the year in Africa, gave a sneak peak to the story in a chat with a cross section of the media in Lagos, thereby heightening the expectation of movie goers on what to look ahead to  from the flick to be premiered this month.

“ZARZ END  is a story of love and loss , oppression and quest for justice, as youths took the bull by the horn to have their voice heard and their demand responded to by the government of the day, but regardless of the reenactment of the protests that engulfed the  nation and led to the  rogue officers   expelled from police service , the  ZARZ END  movie  featured two distinct love stories that never crossed  paths, but yet are the pillar of the entire story,  each of them reflected the reality of the times that we are in and played a huge part in the trajectory of the movie , steering it to its astonishing end’’ He revealed.

ZARZ END will be premiered on 20th of October at the Silverbird Cinemas Accra Mall at 7pm, with double screening same day by 9pm at both the Westhills and Accra Malls Cinemas of Silverbird. The movie is certified for viewers 15years + by the Ghana National Film Board and will be continuously  screened at 7pm daily at both Silverbird Cinemas at West hills Mall and Accra Mall till 29th of October 2023

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