Industry Out: EMEPAN Hosts  Entertainment media, brands and events community

Emma Ngirika (GM CCX) Amaobi Madu, Dr.Onyeka Ogbatu and Sag Orume at the EMEPAN Soiree
Emma Ngirika (GM CCX) Amaobi Madu, Dr.Onyeka Ogbatu and Sag Orume at the EMEPAN Soiree

This 11th September at CCX Premium Bar Victoria Island Lagos, Entertainment Media Practitioners of Nigeria (EMEPAN) extended its  paradigm shift agenda ,of turning the spotlights on the people that makes all the difference behind the curtain, whose exploits has been a major influence in creating the celebrities and stars that we adore on our screens and gist’s.

The Industry Out  gala  organised by  EMEPAN,  continued with the noble association’s  aim of accelerating the recognition and celebration of  those who work tirelessly to bring glamour to the entertainment industry. The hangout   was sponsored by Don pee wine and beverages, a subsidiary of Spanish kingdom group, a real estate, Hospitality and Winery conglomerate based in Madrid Spain but with huge presence in FCT,  Owerri and recently Lagos.

 The chairman of the organisation who’s a big supporter of the industry and is widely referred as the real mayor of hospitality and winery, Dr Onyeka Ogbatu( Don Perry) did not only support but also was present to celebrate with industry players which was a moral boost for them.

Don Perry stormed the event with array of his friends , biz associates as well as his  Apex club members. There were choice Spanish Red wines from the stable of Don Pee wine and beverages with local delicacies to go with.

The high point of the evening was the interactive session segment between the media personnel’s present and Don Perry, which the event host Sag Orume did justice to.

The event was facilitated by EMEPAN’s director of communication Amaobi Madu

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