Ghana Book Club Holds Maiden Discussion on 30th May, Commends EPP Book Services.


On this year’s world Book Day 23rd of April 2021, Ghana Literary Foundation announced the launch of Ghana Book Club as one of its projects to promote the art of reading in the Ghanaian community thereby enhancing literacy.

The Ghana Book Club is enjoying support of EPP Book Services which has donated Books worth almost Ghc1000 for reading pleasure of its activities, and will be having its maiden reading on Sunday the 30th of May.

The Ghana Book Club is all about selecting exceptional books written by Ghanaians one from each category   comprising of Literary Fiction, Non Fiction and Children’s book, and an international book written by a non Ghanaian to enhance cross culturalism, promote it for public reading for a month and organize a get together for those that read the books to come together and discuss the books as well as an interactive session with the authors that are available.

Selected for reading and discussion for the month of May taking place virtually is Kafui Danku’s Silence is not Golden which elaborated on side effects of bottling up emotions.

The Lucky One -a book for children below the age of 8 written by Deborah Cowley a Canadian that visited Ghana and met a physically challenged boy who culminated to a happy ending for the boy is also included with copies from EPP Book Services sent to kids to join the discussion.

Sons of the Skroll by Diana Bamford McBangonluri, a great fiction of work delivered with great imaginative prowess that only a literary veteran can assemble centered on dreams, premonitions and existential challenges of an island.

 And lastly Returning Home Aint Easy -written by Mama Imahkus Njinga which is the actual   narrative of the author a Diaspora African that chose Ghana as her place of return in the 80ties and the challenges and excitement of her journey home.

’’Educating the mind remains the key to positive transformation of the Africa Society and we believe this activity will help in promoting reading in the society and collectively enhance literacy in the Ghanaian community.’’ Lassy Lore explained.

“We commend EPP for taking the initiative of supporting this project from the onset, we are still open for collaborations with other brands to accelerate the habit of reading in the nation’’

With its present chain of fifteen bookshops and agencies in Ghana is the largest book distributor in Ghana. EPP Books Services was established in February 1991 with a vision to provide a wide range of books for education, entertainment, self-development and self-fulfillment; to all people whenever there is the need,and currently has bookshops in Ghana, Benin, Nigeria and Sierra Leone.

The Book Club is also enjoying blog support from,,, and

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