Tribute: In Magufuli Africa Lost More than Tanzania


In Magufuli Africa Lost More than Tanzania.

In Magufuli, Tanzania lost a fearless visionary who isn’t an angel but yet no demon.

In Magufuli, Tanzania is broken off a spine that could bear the brunt of being different regardless of varied views.

In Magufuli, Tanzania lost a rainbow that nearly lit up its skies, a fire that was beaming with hope for a nation.

In Magufuli, Tanzania lost an ingenious driver of economic and infrastructural development, whose vision was to transform Tanzania from a low-income country to a developed one by 2025.

In Magufuli, Tanzania lost a promising future of glory which Samia Suluhu would grapple to reclaim.

In Magufuli, Tanzania has lost a great and fearless leader, but in Magufuli, Africa lost a feisty but driven, independent, ambitious, and audacious leader who was ready to dive into murky waters regarding his policies and decisions.

In Magufuli, Africa lost a leader whose poise came close to re-inventing the wheels of leadership on which the continent is yet to embark its journey to greatness, after the loss of the likes of Lumumba, Nkrumah and Mandela.

In Magufuli, Africa lost a man who stood out as a model for the renaissance of the true spirit of our lost collective Africanness.

It is painful that Africa has lost yet another boisterous leader, who within his short but impactful tenure as President, has left so many promising policies, to the wind.

In Magufuli, Ogéllé lost a strong believer and ardent supporter of our dream, the African dream – African content on an African platform

In Magufuli, Tanzania lost a man, a father, a great leader, but in Magufuli, Africa had a taste of its lost glory ,yet lost the spirit of its long-awaited new beginning.

In Magufuli, Africa lost more than Tanzania. Africa has lost another chance at reclaiming its glory. Rest in Peace Magufuli, one of Africa’s finest.                                                                                                                        

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