Three Sectors to Invest in Africa by Osita Oparaugo, Founder of Ogelle

Osita Oparaugo the founder of Ogelle,over the weekend declared publicly, areas he believe that any one preparing to invest will not go wrong, with the paradigm shit, that world is witnessing in the present time.

Investing in the future most times may not be clear but I have worked in this space for too long to make some predictions that may not be hundred percent certain but very close to it.

In the next 10 years, those hoping to profit from long term investment should look in these 3 directions even though there are more, but these are my picks.

1.    Health care. Investing in innovative companies across the health sector is no brainer especially those focused in breakthrough diagnostics equipment’s for detection of illnesses.

2. Digital Payment. If you are familiar with how payment gateways like Mpesa in East Africa revolutionized the payment system far more than even the United States, you will know that this sector will rule the world come 2030. Consumers will become increasingly comfortable with technology and embrace this method of payment especially in the emerging markets. Find a company and invest in today!

3. Digital Entertainment. Content is king, network is the king maker and platform is the kingdom. It may be difficult to invest in the king, the kingmaker but the kingdom is open to all. Streaming content accelerated in the wake of COVID but it’s just the beginning. In the next 10 years, 80% of content consumption will be done via streaming and because of high barriers to entry, most markets will fall into the hands of a few companies and these should be your focus for investment. Video game industry will experience a boom too.

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