Thefastlane makes history: kick-starts a Month Free DigitalKids Programme


Thefastlane & Co will begin a DigitalKids Technology skill training programme for children between the ages 7 to 16 years from December 17, 2022, with a one-month training programme.

The idea behind digital kids is to help participants (kids and young adults between ages 7 – 16) identify technology and develop essential coding skills in Web Design, Mobile App Design, Graphic Design, Digital Media, App Development, and Content Creation. Given this, Thefastlane & Co have launched a TechChampChallenge to kick off the technology skill training programme in which participants will be winning a sum of N1 million worth of prizes. Participants will sign up on

According to the Head of Digital Management Services, TheFastlane & Co, Mr. Boluwatife Olla:“At DigitalKids, our core is to help identify technology and develop essential coding skills in Web Design, Mobile App Design, Graphic Design, Digital Media, and Content Creation.

“We believe that for our kids to keep pace with the rising development in the technological space and stand out among their peers both locally and internationally, they need to be equipped with the vital technical and soft skills listed above.’’ He said that DigitalKids is an online programme to cater for local and international participants with experienced tutors to coach the kids.

“In addition, class recordings will be uploaded on the kid’s portal for learning references.The course modules entail Digital Media, Creative Designs, and STEM. Each module is divided into three stages, participants will be assessed and a certificate will be issued upon completion of each module. The curriculum is currently on the website.”

According to the CEO of Thefastlane & Co, Mr. Oluwaseun Bamiro: This initiative is geared towards preparing, coaching, and supporting our kids to enable them to improve their digital capabilities through the impartation of practical ICT skills.

“We have gone beyond the dark age. The world is technologically driven now. Primarily, everything is about Science Technology Mathematics (STEM) so the kids must be able to develop core ICT skills aside from the normal ambition to become Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, etc., He believes Tech is the new Oil”.

Bamiro who is also the CEO of YNorth, a fashion outfit, last year launched a Digital Management Services with a group of tech personnel under umbrella of TheFastlane & Co.He explained that Thefastlane & Co was able to launch other project lines that are related to his field.

“So we recently launched GasOnline, where people can buy gas on line using a mobile app. Right now we are doing digitalkids. They all fall in different product lines under Thefaslane & Co. It is just that we have different people who are heading each of the departments. They are like different product line to Thefastlane & Co.

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