Rwanda genocide an evergreen memory by Osita Oparaugo.


The 7th of April is globally remembered for the grave Injustice that brothers of a united society unleashed on each other ,with the Tutsi’s at the receiving end at the time. The Hutu and Tutsi conflict had started earlier in nations like Burundi, where the two tribes are also cohabiting  and sharing same community as one nation.

 The act of genocide, is one of the most condemned and gravest of crime on earth, and in response to the 100 day genocide in 1994,Rwanda effectively outlawed ethnicity. Paul Kagame, Rwanda’s president since 2000 — who is credited with ending the genocide — instituted an official policy of ethnic nonrecognition in the country in 2003. Under this mandate, the population rallies around a motto of national homogeneity: Ndi Umunyarwanda (“We are all Rwandan”). Initiating the process for healing and reconciliation in the heart and spirit of Rwandans.

 Mr. Osita Oparaugo the founder of Ogéllé ,Africa’s pioneer online video sharing resource and entertainment platform, solely for African content, expressed his concern over the tragic past, encouraging Rwandans to imbibe the culture of peace as they have done since the unfortunate incident.

 “As the good people of Rwanda continue to heal under the excellent leadership of President Paul Kagame, it is our prayer that our good God, the father Almighty will give the departed peace and grant the living his grace and comfort, and the spirit of oneness, through Jesus Christ, our Lord and savior. Amen! ,” he said

 “I laid the wreath at the Genocide memorial center as a state visitor on behalf of the Ogèllè Community on June 20, 2019, we all must come to the realization that Its only with understanding of each other’s differences and tolerance of one another’s excesses, with recognition of the word ‘peace’ as our social compass, can we be able to silence the guns in Africa and achieve unity among ourselves” he advised.

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