Ogelle’s African Blockbuster with a Continental Appeal Is in the Making.


There are movies and there are blockbusters and it’s quite un-natural to expect anything less than the best from Red Dot Crew that are championing the building of Ogelle , Africa’s leading online content curator  as hints emerge that they are embarking on a  movie making journey with a very large budget which shall feature big stars across the 5 regions of the African continent.

The African entertainment space is buzzing with a series of press and social media releases by highly influential African female actors and celebrities who have announced that they will be starring on a film to be produced by Ogelle in Nigeria.

This Blockbuster that is to be titled Bodies of Influence, will be a fabulous flick made to soothe the roughest of our harmattan weekends, coming with a money back guarantee for the barge of stars on the cast list.

The film still on its pre-production stage is already promising something special to movie lovers, as they now await a night of Pan African entertainment from this motion picture that will cast actors  from Ghana, Tanzania, Nigeria, South Africa and more,  with a rumored date of a weekend in early 2022 already in circulation as date for its release.

While the company involved has not released an official statement yet, we gathered that the film Bodies of Influence will be a feature film, crime / drama genre targeting global audience 18 and above and English/Pidgin & Other Indigenous and African Languages.

A young Nigerian woman finds herself over her head, when she befriends a trio of dangerous and flamboyant con artists masquerading as social media influencers from three other African countries when they visited Nigeria for a fashion event.

The sneak from its supposed story-line on the net, features a Charlie’s Angels meets the Robin Hood scheme but with far more selfish motives and deadly consequences.

Like all Blockbusters,  Bodies of Influence is a film like no other, starring 10 super actors from four African countries that commands  a combined online presence of over 100M followers. Some of the actors include former Miss Tanzania, actor and brand influencer Ms.Wema Sepetu, Salma Mumin from Ghana, Dillish Mathews from Namibia, Mercy Eke  and Idia Aisien from Nigeria.

The identities of the super male actors connected to this film have not been released by the producer of the film yet.

 Bodies of Influence will be produced by Osita Oparaugo, Nigerian born UK trained lawyer and film maker and the founder of Africa’s first user generated resource and entertainment video sharing app ‘Ogelle’ and is expected to usher in a new chapter in Africa’s entertainment industry.

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