Manifesto’s from Presidential Hopefuls not Satisfying  Enough to Rejig Nation’s Education-JESAC


The Joint Education Stakeholders Action Coalition (JESAC) an action coalition of concerned education stakeholders with membership profile of over 30 million citizens that include Parents, Students, Staff, Leaders, Professionals and other Citizens is taking the bull by the horns in ensuring the thorough renewal of the almost moribund Nigerian educational system to meet the 21st century standard.

It’s a global fact that the value of Nigeria’s education though never at its best ,plummeted to its worst with the recent 8 months national strike that brought educational activities in the tertiary sector of the nation to a grinding halt for almost a year, a cause for deep concern.

JESAC has thoroughly examined majority of the  manifesto’s  emerging from the  2023 general election candidates ,even the presidential party flag bearers who are leading the race to possibly emerge as Nigeria’s new leader  come 2023 polls and not found any very satisfying, as none has committed enough in their plans that is required to ensure a rejig of the sector.

JESAC observed that the majority of education manifestos so far released by Candidates for Presidential, Gubernatorial, Senatorial, House of Representatives and State Houses of Assembly hide behind scant generalizations and provide no specific reform initiatives for addressing specific aspects of the challenges in education.

This makes it difficult to empirically, objectively and comparatively analyze proposed interventions for relevance and potential impact.  Generalizations will also make it difficult to assess levels of performance or non- performance of elected candidates.

It is against this background that the noble outfit is demanding that Candidates provide details of proposed reform initiatives to enable objective choice of those to support and vote for, as well as establish performance benchmarks against which elected candidates will be held accountable after taking office.

“The challenges in Education calls for a new collective bargaining strategy by Stakeholders. History and current realities teach us that post-election strike actions, shutting down of public institutions and disruption of academic activities have proved unsuccessful as a collective bargaining strategy in education. Let us engage our potential political leaders now. After the election will be too late.  “ Ike Onyechere, MFR. Convener/National Coordinator, JESAC affirmed.

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JESAC, an initiative of Exam Ethics Marshals International,JESAC Nigeria was launched at Transcorp Hilton Hotel, Abuja on September 8, 2010 as offshoot of JESAC AFRICA (established by The Accra Declaration of 23rd November, 2008 at Wangara Hotel, Accra, Ghana)

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