How Lekki Massacre Triggered a Festival of Destruction in Lagos.


The Nigerian Government is being fingered in the extrajudicial massacre of Lekki Peaceful protesters on the 20th of October 2020, a premeditated action as alleged by witnesses that saw individuals removing the CCTV Camera’s at the toll gate before the shooting ensued.

There are unsubstantiated figure of victims of the massacre being bandied about, from as low as 7 deaths to 100 injured to as high as 78 deaths and more injured, as recorded in many social media handles of individuals.

The curfew reportedly imposed by the Governor of Lagos State and other states in Lagos are reportedly not being complied to in some states, as Lagos the commercial city of Lagos is has been engulfed in a Festival of destruction as Youths are on rampage, destroying properties belong to government of the state and possibly top statesmen in the state as well.

There are reports and videos circulating on social media of Television Continental (TVC) in Lagos being engulfed in fire which has been confirmed by BBC. The flagship metropolitan transport in Lagos known as BRT has had some of their Coach buses set on fire in some parts of the city.

The Nigerian Port Authority building beside PHCN office in Lagos Island has been reportedly set ablaze, with videos in circulation as proof, there are still unsubstantiated reports of destruction of private properties in parts of Lagos, as unconfirmed reports since yesterday after the incident of the massacre had been of Oriental Pillars Hotel in Lekki and GT Bank Building beside it, being set on fire by the peaceful but now turned furious protesters.

Global Icons are raising concern over the high handedness that Nigerian Govt had opted for,in their attempt to end the peaceful protest by sending armed officials with live bullets to kill protesters where they peacefully stationed themselves, an action that has received wide condemnation by world leaders, with former USA Presidential aspirant and secretary of State Hillary Clinton urging Nigerian Government not to go further in that direction.

Uncertainties looms over the future of the most populous nation in Africa and 7th in the world, as its citizens in other parts of the world are still amplifying the protest in their places of residence outside Nigeria, as some of them were in front of the Nigeria High Commission in Ghana this morning to protest  against the government for choosing violence over dialogue.

The peaceful protest that started on the 10th of October 2020 remained peaceful in the entire nation despite a few skirmishes in some parts until the use of live arms on peaceful protesters unleashed the on going mayhem in parts of the city of Lagos.

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