Ex-Cop and Niece Bags 20 Years;their Human Trafficking Scheme Uncovered

Human trafficking
Human trafficking

Forward Mashonganyika,a former police officer and his accomplice,Tendai Muswe,received a 20-year prison sentence from the Harare Magistrates’ Court Zimbabwe on Thursday for trafficking three women to Oman.

The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) disclosed that from February to August 2022,Mashonganyika,Muswe, and an accomplice based in Oman;Mohammed Ali Al Shihhi, enticed the women to Oman through WhatsApp by falsely promising them jobs in Dubai.

The victims were misled into a WhatsApp group,where the accused posed as employment agents.Upon reaching Oman,the women had their passports confiscated and were coerced into domestic servitude and sexual exploitation.The NPA statement outlined the dire living conditions,including subpar meals and restricted movement.

The nightmare ended when the women managed to contact their families in Zimbabwe,who reported the situation to the Police.Investigations revealed that Mashonganyika and Muswe were paid minimal amounts, ranging from USD$74 to USD$500, for their involvement in the trafficking scheme.With the intervention of the Zimbabwean government,the victims were repatriated in August 2022.

In a separate report,Forward Mashonganyika and Tendai Muswe,a suspended police officer and his niece, were convicted of trafficking the women to Oman. The trial,led by Harare Regional Magistrate Estere Chivasa,concluded with Muswe already serving three years in prison for a similar offense.

Magistrate Chivasa emphasized that the State convincingly proved the case beyond reasonable doubt.She highlighted the credible testimonies of the three women,acknowledging their journey from excitement about a job in Dubai to the harsh reality of being enslaved in Oman.

The duo did not contest certain facts,admitting that the women traveled to Oman,where they were deceived into believing they would work in Dubai’s hospitality industry.The dispute centered on whether Mashonganyika and Muswe facilitated their trafficking to Oman which they denied.

Magistrate Chivasa pointed to evidence presented by the investigating officer,including documents illustrating money received from Mohamed Ali in Oman.The evidence linked the defendants to the trafficking operation, reinforcing the conviction.The Court sentenced Mashonganyika and Muswe to 20 years imprisonment each for their role in the harrowing trafficking ordeal.

This verdict marks a significant step towards justice for the victims,highlighting the severity of human trafficking and the commitment to holding perpetrators accountable.

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