‘EbonyQueen’ by TMK Project Ft Grace Boyega to be Premiered at AFWL2023

The Michael Kiladejo Project feat. Grace Boyega
The Michael Kiladejo Project feat. Grace Boyega
Exclusive Premiere of ‘Ebony Queen’ at AFWL2023 The Michael Kiladejo Project feat. Grace Boyega

The Michael Kiladejo Project feat. Grace Boyega, will be live on stage at AFWL2023 with their new track Ebony Queen!Experience this exclusive premier at AFWL’s Catwalk Show on Saturday 28 October and at the AFWL x Black History & Lifestyle Gala Showcase on Sunday 29 October at our new venue, the Institute of Directors, 116 Pall Mall, London.
Ebony Queen is an ode to the resplendent women of African origin. Celebrating their beauty, strength, and resilience, this song is a testament to their spirit.With 2.5 million TikTok views, the teasers have already created ripples on the platform, making Ebony Queen one of the most eagerly awaited releases of the year.Join us as this fusion of music and fashion starts on the AFWL2023 catwalk with the first UK performance of Ebony Queen.Released on 29 September, listen Ebony Queen here.

­ Michael Kiladejo  ­

Delve into the expansive universe of Michael Kiladejo. His knack for spotting raw talent and guiding it to the zenith of stardom has consistently been of international scale.Michael is renowned for discovering Pink, and more recently, under his TRE record label, he has taken the helm as the executive producer for Afrobeats tracks for industry-leading artists such as Davido and Wande Coal.At present, Michael and his business partner Mathew Knowles are joining forces with the makers of ‘XFactor’ to produce a new television series, poised to take on audiences across 250 countries.Recently Michael and Mathew Knowles “MePlaylist” – a cutting-edge digital entertainment and streaming platform. This service offers music enthusiasts the privilege to stream and download unlimited music, revolutionizing the digital music experience.

­ ­ ­ Grace Boyega

­ Hailing from a lineage rich in talent, Grace Boyega stands out as  the captivating voice behind Ebony Queen.  Grace’s exceptional vocal talents, seamlessly intertwined with the artistry of The Michael Kiladejo Project, culminate in a track that resonates. With talent evidently ingrained in the Boyega genes, she is the sibling to Hollywood sensation, John Boyega. Just as John has made monumental strides with his compelling cinematic performances, Grace is etching her name into musical history.


    • Hi why wont Grace Gboyega and Michael Kiladejo be performing together. we need further details or a press release

  1. I can’t give further details at the moment as this issue is being dealt with legally. Please remove all pictures and articles as I don’t wish to be associated with him. Thank you.

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