Dynatech Heights set to Transform the Real Estate Sector


It is one thing to have access to affordable luxury; it is another to own a piece of this affordable luxury in a community where you can relate and further grow with people in your class. To achieve the above without going bankrupt is one of Sir Chigozie Chukwudi Okafor’s intrepid game plans by year 2027. In fact, Dynatech City, together with the past and ongoing projects is a billion dollar value chain in context which people like you can explore in flexible dimensions.

Moving on from iL Palazzi, the Dynatech team structurally nailed two birds with one stone as it activates the construction of el Magnifico and Dynatech Heights at the same time. Dynatech Heights feature a series of two bedroom flats and mini flats otherwise known as one bedroom apartments. These will come in a contemporary structure on four floors including the ground floor.

el Magnifico however explores a different trajectory. Rooted in classic Victoria Island, one is tempted to say it’s the island equivalent of il Palazzi but it’s actually a couple steps ahead. Eleven units of duplexes against ten, with a swimming pool and with the inclusion of premium private swimming pools for each unit, it is glorious enough to believe that someone built a heavenly residence for the twelve disciples minus Judas Iscariot. This is one of Dynatech’s premium projects that is meant to transform the real estate sector in Nigeria.

While the duplexes of el Magnifico would have to be bought for the public to gain access and use, Dynatech Heights has a different arrangement. Some flats in it would be available for purchase while some would be for shortlet hence presenting the public with multiple routes of enjoying the luxuries they seek.

The goal is to give average income earners an opportunity to own a piece of luxury long-term or short-term in an environment decent enough for their mental health. Also, high net-worth individuals who prefer the company of progressive neighbours and neighborhoods to solitary dwelling will find Dynatech Heights a soothing match for their taste.

While working on this project, Sir Okafor and his team at Dynatech Homes learnt that inasmuch as Nigerian consumers would readily grab standard housing designs, they were even more eager to own contemporary designs. This startling feedback would urge Sir Okafor’s team to attempt to bring in designs reminiscent of what Nigerians see in Hollywood movies, social media and from their international travels.

To give them this standard without having to break their bank balances was the next goal for the visionary. It all culminated in another grand experiment in 2018.

Following critical acclaim from industry maestros and encouraging feedback from the brand’s patrons, Sir Okafor’s Dynatech Homes launched a mission to deliver housing in unusual fashion and designs. The roofless top; appetizing geometric spacing; and canny choice of construction materials led to the creation of White House by Dynatech. Construction commenced in April of 2018 and exactly 10 months later, (three units of five bedroom duplexes on three floors) were commercially available for eager home owners.

It was in this era, some sublime five years ago, that Sir Okafor realized that he had indeed mastered the intricacies of delivering luxury at friendly costs. This mastery would go on to lead him to even more audacious projects.

In many ways, the Corporation Estate resembles Dynatech’s White House. To begin with, each of the four units of its duplexes consists of five bedrooms on three floors; a theme that has become another hallmark of Dynatech’s architectural creations.

Also noticeable is the fact that the buildings feature a flat roofless top that is devoid of the typical slant of traditional metallic roofing sheets. This trend would continue as we see in the subsequent ventures.

Still focused on the original inspiration of delivering affordable luxury to Nigerians, Sir Okafor resumed developmental activities with il Palazzi; aptly named to portray the concept behind it. Il Palazzi features ten fully detached duplexes groomed to palatial proportions. First of all, it is located in one of the most peaceful and quiet estates in the mainland of Lagos.

On each of the duplexes’ three floors, the team redefines housing taste in 5 bedrooms. Interesting as the project seems, it is its location that gets people’s eyes wide more often. Amuwo-Odofin GRA is one of the most elite places to stay on the mainland of Lagos and the people who are aiming to own a piece of il Palazzi know this.

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