Covid-19, Trafficking and Migrant Smuggling: Over 20 Institutions to Cement their Pact on 18th December


More popularly and often, community problems or issues are too large and complex for any one agency or organization to tackle. In these circumstances, putting together a coalition of groups and individuals becomes effective strategy for changing the structure of engaging with the social issue.

 The Council of African Elders and Women Intercultural Dialogue and their resource partners, has remained resolute in their effort towards achieving a counter cultural movement , a united African Coalition of Multi Sectoral Partnership to eliminate trafficking and smuggling of migrants in Africa post the covid-19 pandemic.

This friday the 18th of December, over 20 individuals representing different organisations who are considered stakeholders in the fight against trafficking are expected to meet virtually , in order to perfect the vision and mission statement of the coalition and also choose a name that will suit the multi sectoral partnership,which will help in incorporating its registration and enhance its full functionality in the third phase of 2021.

 The relative nature of social problems as human trafficking can intelligently guide knowledge effort in the fight against it, by having the many local and international frontal initiatives combating Trafficking come together to synergize energy.

 This will go a long way in affording a more effective fight against this menace as the motivating intentions, values and practices are commonly invested in a uniformed outline that will proffer solution.

 Human trafficking is a negative relationship of many factors and cultural conditions that make it possible- each form of the problem thriving on certain familiar and locational conditions- each form responding to local challenges and which also informs the various commitments of the many organizations presenting a wedge against the problem.

 The Continental Coalition initiative feeds on affording a modality to the bimodal initiatives that informs the commitments of different organizations fighting the menace of  human trafficking in general, to provide a platform where those initiatives can find a communalized voice that reaches out to needs and contingencies in the continental campaign to defeat human trafficking in entirety.

 “As the world struggles with the recent pandemic and the economic uncertainties it has ushered into the human community, it is apparent that all forecasts on the global economic downturn means that there is going to be a rise in trafficking.’’

 ‘’Economic hardship is one of the silent factors that influences irregular migration which in turn endangers the desperate migrants out of their frantic effort for survival ,as they risk becoming victims of organ and sex trafficking , forced labour among others.”

 our interest is to achieve an Africa for Africans free of slavery in all guise and for this to be successful, the entire process needs to be owned by the people and that’s why he have extended invitation to people we believe can make a difference in the engagement and are open to participation of all relevant stakeholders that we are yet to reach out to‘ Cookey Iwuoha entreated.

“The best place to stop trafficking Is our door steps, so there is need for us all to come together, synergize and coalesce our diverse efforts to totally stop human trafficking and its concomitant hazards’’ He reiterated .

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