Chili Pepper Stepping in to Make a Difference- Ahuonu

Chillipepper Restaurant Bar
Chillipepper Restaurant Bar

With over 20 years experience in hospitality and recreation management spanning from Hotels, Nightclubs, lounge and cafes in cities like Abuja, Lagos, Owerri,Okechukwu Benjamin Nwokorie popularly known as Ototo Ahuonu believes that Chili Pepper is coming to fill a gap in the recreation industry of Owerri the Eastern Heartland.

The Grand Opening of the Restaurant Bar will be taking place on Friday the 10th of December and Imo people are expectant of the event as his friends and associates of over 2 decades in the hospitality industry will grace the occasion as a show of support and appreciation.

Owerri is known in Nigeria as one of the epi- centers of hospitality and recreation in Nigeria with limitless numbers of hotels,lounges and tourism facilities sprawling over the cities with new Owerri axis of the town leading in numbers per meters.

“ Chili Pepper is a middle class restaurant  bar that provides upper class African delicacies at a pocket friendly price, we are located in the Spilbat axis an intersection of Amakohia, Works Layout and Okigwe Road  parts of the town, we choose the area for its ideal location and  to contribute in spreading the growth of the hospitality industry in the town and de congest the new Owerri cluster, which is actually the leading zone at this time.” Okechukwu Benjamin Nwokorie the C.E.O of Chili Pepper said

Chili Pepper is a Restaurant Bar that deals on local delicacies and assorted drinks and is situated at about 200 meters from Rochas Foundation College at Spilbat and offers Ofe Owere, Afang soup, Ofe okenye (snail soup) Nkwobi, Ugba,Pepper soup etc, it is a hub for traditional delicacies aimed at re-inventing the ancient cultural cuisines of Africa in this time in history.

“ with us you are sure of eating natural and healthy foods, as we have engaged a chain of local farmers for supply of all our ingredients from pepper to meat,  with us you are eating to achieve wellness, the body needs nutrients from real food. Eating traditional foods helps to avoid many health issues including allergies, asthma, digestive and cardiovascular health issues, obesity and more’’ he reiterated.

The Beardking is optimistic that Chili Pepper will engineer a revolution of sort in the recreation industry of Imo, as the people of Imo and its visitors will be offered the opportunity of enjoying not just tasty foods but one prepared with concern for their health ,  especially at this time that capitalism is inspiring the emergence of  many toxic foods with no nutrients which are  in the offing in public places and fast food restaurants.

“We believe in the axiom…let your food be your medicine.. come lets make history together on Friday December 10, 2021 by 2pm. A trial will convince you.” The bearded one concluded.

Chillipepper Restaurant Bar
Chillipepper Restaurant Bar

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