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Fatima Jabbeh Maada Bio is an African creative entrepreneur based in UK, She is a multiple award winning actress, Winner of best Actress BEFFTA 2013. Winner of people’s choice best actress 2014 NAFCA, ZAFFA Winner, AAMN Hero of Society Award Winner 2011, Compassionate philanthropist, graduate of London College of Communications Producer of Mirror Boy an International Movie that explored the spiritual and cultural side of Africa, she is a mother of 3 and married to Julius Maada Bio former military leader of Republic of sierra Leone that oversaw a transition from Military to Democracy in Sierra Leone. she commands followership in Africa and beyond below is excerpt from our book talk with her.

How much do you love books?

– I love reading a lot

How often do you read?

– I read every day

When do you enjoy reading?

– At night or when traveling

Do you go to bed with book?

– Yes always. As a journalism student it is very important to read a lot

Do you travel with book?

– I talk very little when I travel so i always have a book to keep me company.

The most unusual place to find book in your home

– In my kitchen when cooking.

The first book you bought

– The first book I bought with my own money is Macbeth, it was after reading it i knew I want to become an actress.

The latest book on your shelve.

– The Contemporary British media

Your most expensive book

– J S Mill on Liberty

The oldest book in your library (book you have kept over the longest period of time)

– Macbeth

Favourite author

– Daniel Steel

Favourite book

– Roots

Most memorable book you ever encountered


Book that made you cry

– Roots

Book that changed something about you

– Macbeth.

Book you cant give away


Book you have kept waiting for your children to read

– The Quran

Book you inherited from your parents?

– The Quran

Book you lost and thought you’d never find

– Roots

Book you are grateful to the author for writing.

– Romeo and Juliet

Book you wish everyone could read.

– Romeo and Julietaamn

Fatima Jabbeh Maada

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