Being Frank About Africa: How Timis Group Is kindling Global Interest in West Africa as Investment hub


As an African, if you were asked in recent times what West African nations of Senegal, Burkina Faso , Cote d’Ivoire, Niger ,Liberia, The Gambia, and Sierra Leone’s have in common, you would rush to their social construction as polarized nation with both Muslim and Christian faiths adherent citizens, coexisting in the same space harmoniously. You will affirm their vast rich culture and an infectious hospitality that makes them one of the most welcoming people in the world.

But that’s not all, in recent decades, the aforementioned nations share  a budding  business relationship that has changed the trajectory  of their economy with the magical imprint of Timis Group, spanning from Oil and Gas, Mining of Manganese, Iron ore, Agro Industries and more, estimated at over $10Billion United States Dollars.

Vasali Frank Timis

From a humble beginning in the eastern European nation of Romania, a nation perfectly located at the crossroads of Central, Eastern, and Southeastern Europe, Frank Timis started his odyssey, but his impact
today is being felt across the globe, not just Africa but also in the industrial nations of the world. His business empire includes substantial investments in Australia, Canada, Romania, Ukraine, Greece, Kazakhstan, Russia and the United Kingdom.

Vasile Frank Timis at just the age of 59 has attained an envious corporate portfolio that will inspire  African traditionalist  on a hunt of demystifying his immensity, and the persona of the ancient
warrior that  incarnated at this time in history in his person, for he is defying odds and winning where others has failed with a pragmatism unequalled.

Frank Timis has proven his warrior spirit by relentlessly investing in various African nations, regardless of the opinion of naysayers and prediction of doom on the continent hinged on an exaggerated notion of
its notoriety for political instability pillared on conflicts, insecurity and poverty.

He continues to prove the widely accepted uncanny notion and narrative of Africa as an unsafe place for investment wrong with his serial wins, injecting over  a billion dollars in the Timis group investments
domiciled mostly in West Africa.

Timis Group

For a fact , Timis Group has built nine companies in the last 25 years spanning interests in diamonds, gold, base metals, rare earth metals and iron ore, to large oil and gas projects, and prominent pharmaceutical life science projects spanning a portfolio value of over US$10.0 billion, with future growth expectancy of US$15.0billion.

A major contributor to the international natural resources sector and has spent more than three decades constructing a multi-billion-dollar portfolio of rich natural resource assets around the globe, focusing
in West Africa.

Timis Group Investment Footprints in West Africa


In Senegal, Timis group spearheaded the largest Oil and Gas discovery within the Atlantic margin and one of the largest globally, investing over 400 million dollars on the exploration and development of hydrocarbons on the basin.

In June 2014, with the blessing of the Senegalese Government, Timis Corporation acquired the rights to explore and develop two offshore oil blocks in Senegal; St Louis Profond and Cayar Profond from
PetroAsia (Hong Kong).

Accelerating the project from its start up to completion in a record time of 3 years , which has aided the revolutionizing  of Senegal economy ,with the discovery, the nation is now set to become one of the
largest exporters of Liquified Natural Gas globally.

Les Fermes de la Teranga Farm

Timis Group is also situated in Senegal, one of  the largest privately owned  industrial farmland in Africa, a 25,000 hectare of prime farming land with €45m already invested in its development, irrigation
and equipment with unlimited fresh water available from Guiers Lake.

Les Fermes de la Teranga is located in the Northern part of Senegal,in the Saint-Louis Provence between the River of Senegal and Lac de Guiers with access to over one billion metric cubes of fresh water with its own power grid, warehouse, and cold storage facilities available.

Sierra Leone.

Frank brought in investment of US$3,0bn over approximately 36 months resulting in the creation of 35,000 jobs, large-scale infrastructure development (roads, bridges, a fully functioning port, railway and
mine) and huge tax revenues to the Government of Sierra Leone.

The company went from exploration to mining and export of iron ore in circa three years. Frank succeeded where other major Mining companies had tried and failed; Frank delivered in spectacular record ground-breaking time.

Sierra Leone gained huge economic benefits from its investment relationship with Timis Group which increased the Country’s GDP by ca. 46% in the project’s first year of operation.

Timis Group had developed a remarkable reputation across West Africa for delivering successful large scale natural resource projects in record time.

African Minerals Limited of Timis Group successfully developed the largest mining, infrastructure and export project in Africa; the Tonkolili Iron Ore Mine which included the construction and development of a fully functioning port and railway with 25mtpa capacity.

The Tonkolili Project was also the largest producer of iron ore in West Africa and Sierra Leone’s largest employer and major contributor to the country’s GDP, over US$ 3.0 billion was invested into the project and it took only 32 months to bring the mine from exploration to its production stage.

The Company created over 35,000 jobs directly and over 100,000 indirectly through services and procurement.

Burkina Faso
In  Burkina Faso Timis Group are undertaking the mining of Manganese in an operation that includes  mining, processing, trucking, stocking, port services, at present with about  45,000 tonnes of ultra-high
grade product produced and ready for export  and value of stockpiled product worth  US$35m,the site is reputed as the highest grade  of large scale Manganese deposit in Africa, a natural resource that is of
high importance  at the present time because of its use in aerospace and military hardware logistics production.


In Niger the Timis Group is currently overseeing the operations of Tim Mersoi mines which has been  producing a large share of the world’s uranium since 1966, the highly treasured earth space Is adjacent to Imouraren, the largest sandstone uranium deposit ever discovered, enhancing  its proximity to producing mines, mines under development and advanced exploration projects.

Today Pan African Niger Ltd (PAN)  a subsidiary of Timis Group owns one of the largest and highest grade mineralized Uranium deposits in Africa , well positioned for development and large scale production with an excellent and existing infrastructure.

PAN is positioned to become the largest Uranium resource portfolio holder in Africa as Uranium demand is driven by nuclear energy growth forecast at 3% per annum average.

More than just Business

It’s not just about business for Frank Timis, he is renowned for his exemplary philanthropic footprints across the world , The Timis Group and Frank Timis have been widely acknowledged globally for
philanthropic efforts through the sponsorship of thousands of primary school children, the construction of new schools, scholarships tertiary students , work based training and apprenticeships, building
of hospitals, clinics, community centers, markets and social housing projects.

Frank has also backed numerous projects to bring clean invaluable fresh water supplies through drilling water wells in much needed and hostile environments for the communities across West Africa.

Timis Group  works closely and heavily supports local NGOs working to improve conditions in project Countries.

Additionally, he has built several monasteries and orphanages to care for deserving street and deprived children. Moreover, Frank has substantially contributed to charities for cancer research and the
welfare of children, significantly in the United Kingdom and Africa.

A Legacy of Greatness

To exemplify his differentness, Frank Timis the  visionary  saw what most are yet to see on the economic potentials of Africa and decided not to pluck the fruits like other Machiavellian capitalist hell bent on raping Africa’s innocence ,  but came home to embrace the trees and start from the source , by acquiring lands and concessions, domiciling his brands on the motherland in collaboration with the locals and
state, building from the scratch a shared prosperity with the people ,the state and his investment brands.

He is not just injecting cash to these economies and creating not just employment opportunities, but impacting heavily on the value of life in the nations that he has chosen for his investments built on mutual
trust and respect for all involved.

Home is where the heart is and Frank Timis has embraced Africa as a place after his heart. West Africa in particular has witnessed his innovative development acumen and ability to surmount challenges of
all sorts and varieties , above all he is a brave risk taker, a renowned risk entrepreneur who has braved all odds to come out victorious in a place others fearfully dread.

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