ANC Urges Calm as GUTA Clash with Nigerian Traders in Koforidua

All Nigerian Community Ghana
All Nigerian Community Ghana

The Acting president of All Nigeria Community Ghana Dr Bayo Albert Asaolu has responded to plea of Nigerian Traders in Koforidua who were allegedly assaulted yesterday as they clash with their Ghanaian host over the closure of their shops in Koforidua for over 2 weeks now.

A video in circulation that emanated from the debacle has caused uproar among Nigerians living in Ghana, In a portion of the video the president of Nigerian Union of Traders  Ghana (NUTAG) Prince Okechukwu Okoli  was  locked in a brawl with some of the Ghana Union of Traders (GUTA ) agents who were enforcing the locking of the Nigerian  traders Shops in Koforidua.

An eye witness to the incident recounted what transpired in a message he directed to the All Nigeria Community   “ Over two weeks ago, shops belonging to Nigerians were locked especially those dealing in phone accessories.  The locking was done deep in the night , while Nigerians employed every legitimate ways to get their shops opened, including the intervention by Nigerians in Diaspora Organisation( NIDO) it yielded little result. Though NIDO made positive strides, it all failed due to politics that was played with the incident”

“Last week, attempts were made to lock up the shops of those dealing in motorcycles, while some were locked, others vehemently fought against it.   For two weeks the Ghanaian enforcing the GIPC Trade Law  kept  changing the date for opening of the shops and Nigerians sensed this may be Circle incident playing out.  So today, some Nigerians started bringing out their wares due to frustrations and the issue degenerated into a fight where a Ghanaian was even caught on tape wielding a cutlass”

“Nigerians all over Ghana, especially the leaders of various Nigeria organizations should look into the situation so it doesn’t go deeper than it is. What happened today should not have happened and it is worrisome.  Some of the affected Nigerians were ready to go through it all. Even the NUTAG chairman was rough handled.” The eye witness to the incident narrated to ANC.

A Ghanaian Trader brandishing a machete during the incident

Following his narration that was supported with video evidence, the acting president of  All Nigeria Community  in  Ghana responded,  by  urging  the Nigerians in Koforidua to restrain themselves from physical confrontation with Ghanaians in Koforidua, regardless of how much embittered they feel over  the alleged ill-treatment that they are facing in Koforidua.

“We have contacted the Nigerian High Commission in Ghana and are working seriously on this issue   and by the grace of God, we will reach a lasting solution to the matter that has persisted ,our people cannot be going through this frustration all the time, please let’s keep calm, please we don’t need to fight to resolve the issue, ANC and the High Commission will see the decision makers to find means of resolving this problem and  ensure such incidents doesn’t repeat itself” Dr Bayo Albert  Asaolu assured Nigerian traders in Koforidua in a broadcast message.

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  1. We have contacted Nigeria high commissioner case close nothing will happen except Nigerians whom were effected should rally and protest round the country

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