7 Reasons Why You Must Not Miss the Organic Agribusiness Conference in Abuja.


From the 28th to the 31st of October 2021 Abuja Nigeria will light up with the maiden Organic Agribusiness Conference and exhibition on the theme: Reviving The Lost Jewel. With over 5 federal ministries and parastatals endorsing, collaborating and confirming their participation to the maiden edition, its no doubt that any farmer interested in the up to date information about the sector, preparing to adjust to successfully navigate the present and coming challenges to the sector and or learn how to acclimatize to them, needs to have a seat reserved for the event coming up in less than two weeks from today.

7 Reasons why you should attend the Organic Agribusiness Conference in Abuja

  • The event with the quality of speakers and resource persons on the bill, offers you opportunity of meeting and networking with experts in the field from different countries from UK,USA,Ghana as well as other farmers in your area of focus that you can exchange practical experience and information with.
  • You are bound to learn lots of new ideas and techniques that will usher in a paradigm shift in the way you are already leading your agricultural project ,something that is likely to improve your success as well as income from your agricultural project.
  • With the collaboration with Alain Charles Publishing in United Kingdom ,All Africa Media Network as well as Rashaad wits Farmers Digest and the Organic Agribusiness event brochure which shall be made available virtually and hard-copy featuring your brand products and services, this event will expand the visibility and possibly increase the customer base of your agricultural products.
  •  You are going to obtain a certificate of participation after the conference which shall serve as a testimonial to your client base as having a professional experience of sort in the organic venture that you are in, sustainability and environmental sensitivity is now globally required in almost every field that has to do with human engagement, most importantly in our relationship with our environment and general well-being which organic agriculture is symbolic of.
  • Post event: you shall Have access to the new Information that will be constantly dropped in the group that will be created for all participants of the event ,which comes with the benefits of having new updates about policies and opportunities as they drop regarding the entire business of agriculture and farming in Nigeria, from Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (FMARD) Small and Medium Enterprise Development Agency (SMEDAN) Ministry of Industry Trade and Investment (FMITI), Association of Organic Agriculture Practitioners of Nigeria and more.
  • There is a lot more to gain from this event which includes having people see, feel and touch your products at the exhibition, enjoy the pleasure of being able to talk to people directly about the benefits of your products and get direct response from them on what they feel and think about it, it presents an opportunity of getting attention and cognizance from the Federal Ministry Parastatals that will be present at the event, who shall be there from the collaborating arms of the govt that will be present, who knows your product can get national attention,or you can emerge as a consulting person to the ministries and parastatals depending on the ingenuity of your product and services.
  • The event also gives you a platform for your voice to be heard ,as you will be able to bring to light the challenges and concerns you are facing individually or as a union or organization to the relevant authorities, it could be some bottlenecks in the Nigerian system ,a policy or law that need to be adjusted to ease the exportation or possibly mass production,or licensing of your products.

Believe me you need not miss the Organic Agribusiness Conference and Exhibition,you will be losing out on lots of opportunities.if you cant make it to Abuja register and participate virtually most of the opportunities mention above will still be available.

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