3 Core Benefits of STEM Education in Todays World


S-T-E-M is an acronym, that stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. The idea of educating students on curriculum based on these disciplines are regarded as STEM learning.

It was first introduced in 2001 by scientific administrators at the U.S National Science Foundation(NSF).

Regarded as 21st Century Skills, STEM education helps students develop the soft skill that so many careers need; it encompasses hands-on and engaging subjects in our schools.

Non-STEM fields recruit graduates with STEM degrees because they possess skills that students from other areas have not developed. Despite all of this, STEM subjects scare many students because they perceive it as being too difficult and extremely tedious but this is not true.

So many online platforms have come out providing STEM learning using technology to make them simpler to understand and readily available to those who need them. 

In his presentation to the Education Department of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Mr. OsitaOparaugo, the Founder of GetBundi, a STEM based education technology platform said “my team and I believe that it is time for Africa to embrace and prepare its youths for a future driven by technology in order for them to compete globally and the tool of empowerment is STEM with English language and that since very few Africans can afford foreign education in STEM, it is pertinent and crucial to focus on the education in Africa itself hence we have developed the GetBundiplatform to make STEM subjects easy to understand and accessible throughout Africa.

  1. Students introduced to STEM education at early stage are better prepared for the future. They develop problem-solving skills, perform better at analysing problems and find ways to either correct or overcome them.

The world has progressed drastically due to innovative technologies and ideas. STEAM creates a platform for students to be innovative, getting them to think outside the box. Being introduced to science and math at an early age will give students the much needed advantage

  • STEM related careers pay better than non-STEM occupations, so true in todays world that non-tech industries are ramping up in-house departments where STEM skills are in demand. Due to the need for STEM expertise, the take home is naturally high. Above that, STEM knowledge boosts confidence and gives students the edge to flourish in any chosen career.
  •  STEM education helps student stay updated and innovative in an ever changing world where technology is the order of the day. As workplaces change with updated software, and office equipment and machinery become more touch screen, STEM knowledge is vital. Keeping up with technology is highly essential and help students to be creative; this is one of the many benefits of STEM education.According to the NY Times, creativity is also the result of a STEM education!

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