Call for Paper on Why Peace and Nuclear Disarmament Matters now

All Africa Media Network and Leadership Development Foundation is calling for papers that will generate more insight on how the world can fast achieve its goal of ensuring the demilitarization of nuclear warheads in the shortest time possible, which are to be presented at the Africa and Global Security Discourse a virtual conference coming up on 26th September 2020 on the Theme- WHY DO PEACE AND NUCLEAR DISARMAMENT MATTER NOW?

Why do Peace and the demilitarization of Nuclear Weapons Matter now?  as the world goes through the traumatizing experience of a global Pandemic of a unique kind- one that has permeated the walls of Nationalism and thwarted the social processes that modern civilization has so far been based-reminding us of the deep interconnectedness of our common destiny?  

In pursuing this question with reference to specific paper presentations, we invite a post Pandemic exploration of Peace, Global Security and the need for nuclear demilitarization in a renewed discourse bordering on Human Rights, Inter-Religious Dialogue, Peace Studies, Science and Technology, Indigenous Rights, Culture, Technology, Education, Leadership, Governance, Sustainable Development and Globalization.

 The Presentation entreats Multi-disciplinary perspectives targeted at capturing the problem Spaces on which conflict and non-sustainability thrives. Paper presentation and future conferences that would be based on them will be able to address explicitly the renewed and Post Covid19 need for peace, Conflict Mitigation and sustainability in a world where Nuclear weapon  is demilitarized and implicitly, it will look at the philosophy of Anarchy appreciated less as the basis of international Relations.  

Motivating our collective effort is the linked convictions that the Post- Covid19 Pandemic necessitates a push and move inward, to re-evaluate the ontological notions that have led us into this present predicament and time-and that we have much to learn if we can bring up the discourse of Peace on the lens of sustainability in a world whose deep interconnectedness is bared by the Pandemic.

 Through this effort, We remind each other of the self-marginalization of our inherent human ability AND capacity for re-engagement, re-connection and community consciousness- such that brings us to the negotiating table of our deep interconnectedness and one that is easily overlooked by conventional discussions of Peace and conflict resolution- necessitating a renewed commitment to the notion of Peace and Sustainability in the world.  


Please submit a 150-250 word abstract by 21st August 2020 to [email protected] 

 Please use “AFRICA AND GLOBAL SECURITY DISCOURSE” in the subject heading and include your name, email, position, and institutional affiliation.  

 The conference is Co-Hosted by Soren Kierkegaard Academic Society which is affiliated to the Philosophy department of Imo State University Nigeria.

The event and its associated papers and presentations is part of the contribution in the discussion on Sustainable Development in Africa and in commemoration of the 2020 UN International Day for the Elimination of Nuclear weapon which coincides with the 75th Anniversary of the  Hiroshima and Nagasaki Bombings on the 6th and 9th of August 1945.

For more information Call- Ghana +233 592 413 631/ Nigeria-+234 903 546 6335

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